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VIC Possible police involvement in 6 riders getting injured on the weekend

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by HB, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Police car linked to motorbike crashes

    Herald sun article

    Anyone know anything about this?
  2. Re: Police car linked to motorbike crashes

    could it have been a black MFP interceptor?

    Hope the rider's are all healing up ok & if negligence was a part of this they are compensated for it.
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  3. Re: Police car linked to motorbike crashes

    it will be brushed under the rug
  4. Re: Police car linked to motorbike crashes

    No doubt about it, especially since here we are Tuesday morning & this is the only details.
  5. Re: Police car linked to motorbike crashes

    Nothing yet - I'm trying to find out...
  6. Re: Police car linked to motorbike crashes

    I heard about it on the 3AW Rumour File this morning. If there is any thrush behind he rumour - I would be very interested in hearing the facts.
  7. From our favourite source


    POLICE are investigating whether a police car was involved in an accident which saw six motorbike riders come off their bikes in the state's west over the weekend.

    A police spokeswoman said six riders came off their bikes and suffered a range of injuries in the accident on the Western Hwy near Bacchus Marsh about 5.30pm on Saturday.

    “Police are investigating the circumstances and whether a police car was involved,” she said.

    An ambulance spokesman said six people were taken to hospital with minor injuries including grazing and bruising.

    Two were taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, two to Sunshine Hospital and two to Footscray Hospital.

    He said the most serious injury was to a 59-year-old man, who had a fractured collarbone.
  8. Woah........holy fuck.
  9. Sounds like Derrick again, He likes to run bikes off the road to stop them,
  10. That brings a different meaning to 'targeting motorcycles'
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  11. The investigating police are certain they will find the car in question was at least 20 km from the incident at the time it occurred

    - by Not-at-all-cynical
  12. Heard this on the rumor file on 3oldw this morning..
    So it happened on the weekend and it took this morning for it to be released..

    Makes you wonder how so many road incidents are released same day calling for witnesses by VicPol but for some reason when it involves their own, it takes a lot longer.
    So they're investigating whether it was a police car or not???
    What, they wouldn't have known immediately when the car stopped whether it was or it wasn't??
    Unless it was a hit and run??
  13. Nah the 6 motorcycle riders target fixated on the police car more like it, the police never do wrong
  14. I'm yet to see an official po-po press release on this, does one exist yet or is it hush hush?
  15. Shhhhhh.........

    Keeping a peek for any release..
    Till then, shhhhhhhh......:-#
  16. He was checking their safety gear...
  17. Re: Police car linked to motorbike crashes

    We went to the Ballarat swap meet and got caught up in the traffic snarl on the way home. Took five hours to get from Ballarat to Melbourne. The Western Highway (Melbourne bound) was completely closed and yet there was nothing was on the radio, nothing on the TV news and nothing in the papers till now. Bit suss I'd say.
  18. Re: Police car linked to motorbike crashes

    Are the cops going to bury this one, or is the truth going to emerge?
  19. There's several people trying to find out through our varied sources exactly what this is about.

    Can we refrain from speculation (as with any rider down thread) till we get some real info?
  20. You're a moderator, there are two threads going about it now.

    If it was a rider down thread which didn't involve the police it would have been taken down by now.