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Possible NSW hand held radar ban interesting quotes (NSW)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by waedwe, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/ne...ps-inquest-hears/story-e6freuy9-1225766162364

    now the interesting quotes i find from the article
    Revenue raising not safety i say to that, if theres no history of accidents
    always doing this for our safety but aren't they?
    And last but not least
    ??????? As far as i was aware, it is illegal for police to hide themselves and radar in NSW they are required to be visible to show themself and thus slow traffic, not hidden for pure revenue raising, so did this policeman just reveal under oath that the nsw police use illegal procedures during radar operation????

  2. Re: Possible NSW hand held camera ban interesting quotes (NS

    Yeah, pretty darn hard for me to give a shit about a Highway Patrol/TMU officer biting it in the course of inadvertantly raising crash statistics during their constant cash-grab scheme.

    Of course this is an inhuman and cold perspective for me to take, but speeding alone does not kill: so as soon as they start acting like rational human beings, I'll do the same.

    To summarise: "lol".
  3. Re: Possible NSW hand held camera ban interesting quotes (NS

    Straight from of the horse's mouth...

    This is the crux. If your goal is to issue as many tickets as possible, then hiding obviously helps you fulfill it. But if you goal is to get as many people as possible to slow down, then hiding is counter-productive.
  4. Oh rly!? :roll:

    Mashing the brakes when you see cops is instinct, even if you're under the speed limit. Takes some effort to train yourself out of that habbit in favour of safety..

    I think they should replace all speeding cameras with cops jumping out onto the road to signal people over. I'm especially in favour of this in areas with alot of trucks/4wds.

    Oh but without them who would save us from those assholes doing 10kmh the limit putting us all in danger?!

    Zero respect for highway patrol cops, if you're a hwy cop reading this go f%@$^ yourself and get a real job.
  5. Rules regarding the placement of police radar devices, seem to be covered by the standard AS 2898.2-2003 Radar speed detection operational procedures
    And laser deviced by AS 4691.2-2003 Laser based speed detection devices, Operational procedures
    But i can't find anywhere willing to give the information for free, in fact the government seems intent on making you pay for the right to view the laws.
    The best i could get for free was this page http://members.iinet.net.au/~macromrt/speed/doc8_page1.jpg
  6. Re: Possible NSW hand held camera ban interesting quotes (NS

    There's probably an element of trying to have it in the motorists mind that just because they cannot SEE a cop, doesn't mean they are not being monitored.

    To stop people from thinking no cop = speed, and instead no cop = maybe there is a cop hidden = probly shouldn't speed.

    You and I may not agree with it, but this is the argument they put fwd, so it should be raised. The idea that it's a deterrent to speeding at any time, not just catching people who don't brake in time upon seeing a camera.

    Being NR though, I'm sure I'll get flamed for perhaps raising this little point, even though I don't necessarily agree with it! :p
  7. You are right of course.

    "Let's be honest, to be effective you need to be where people don't expect you to be," Suggests nothing about their motivations being monetarily motivated.

    However placing them in areas that aren't blackspots in any way, does. But those comments were from the coroner.. not that their opinion should count for anything related to this.
  8. Morbo28, yep they use the point of hiding creates doubt and can slow people, and thats all well and good if they then stop that speeding motorist, but this sort of thing led to the officers death, ie hidden from view and then popping out at the last moment, and injuries to other police which a coroner and workcover have deemed unsafe, so highly visible is all they have left legally, i know you were just playing devils advocate and not supporting hidden police, but if they won the right to hide in nsw , i am sure all we would see is the victorian model of hidden camofauged cars in bushes with speed cameras, raking in millions and not stopping a single speeding motorist for safety.
    I am a cynic of police and government motives