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Possible New Victorian Ladies Club

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bikerlady, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. Hi there everyone.

    I am trying this again. It seems i may have posted in the wrong section earlier.

    I am canvassing interest in a new Victorian Ladies Riding Club, particularly within Central Victoria but members will be welcome state wide. The group will be a family oriented and focused group which means that our fella's and kids will also be welcome to most of our events however some events will be designed to be especially for just us girls! We anticipate the group will meet for a monthly ride at least, and also keep in touch via email and webchat so involvement will not be too heavy. We would like to have a charitable focus and domestic violence and child abuse are both worthwhile causes for women to unite against so these will probably be our cause. Also, we want to focus on and promote biker education for ladies so new riders will be very welcome.

    We are cruiser riders however other types of bikes will also be welcomed. The type of girls we are hoping to attract are just down to earth, straight forward people with a positive agenda, who would like to get together with other like minded women and who value and respect the views of others. Anyway, if you or your wife or girlfriend might be interested in joining such a group, please drop me a PM
    I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,
  2. Welcome bikerlady,

    You should drop over into the Welcome Lounge and Birthday Greetings to introduce yourself. Its the normal thing on this forum. Also there was some discussion among other Lady riders on this thread, may be worth dropping in and posting there as well. I hope to see you a long term contributor to the site.

    Good Luck and again welcome.
  3. What about VicChicks?
  4. wow 2 posts and banned already, is that a record. LOL :)
  5. The join date and time was a bit suspicious with recent events.
  6. I went to the trouble of sending her a pm too...got nothing back...POO BROWN
  7. ohhh why was she banned?
  8. She might have been banned either before she received your PM or before she could answer. It did seem a bit Spamorama, but I can't and won't judge.

    I know Girls' Ride Out or some such similar mob has a group around Melbourne, but aren't sure if they're more widespread in Vic or if some of them are on here. I can ask someone who is involved if you like.

    Also, there's a bike for sale in Bendigo I'd like to take a squiz at. Do you know someone with a purple and yellow Suzuki RF900R by any chance?