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Possible new Dragster for me!

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Duffman, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. yesterday afternoon i put an offer in on one of these:


    but its a red one.

    For those not in the know, its an Italjet Dragster, the 180cc model. Its a 2-stroke scoot and they are very quick. Quoted acceleration figures indicate 0-100km/hr in 6 seconds!

    I've offered the guy significantly less than he is asking, hence he wanted to think about it. If all goes according to plan i will have it this weekend.
  2. excellent choice. i can garantee you wont be able to wipe the grin off your face for the next 2 weeks at least.
    oh and be prepared for a few comments.
    just last night i had a couple of guys pull up next to me and say " holy fcuk man that scooters fukn quick"
  3. excellent!

    *makes Mr Burns hand gestures*
  4. Nice one, Duffman. Good luck, hope you get it!

    To be honest, I'd love to upgrade to a Dragster. They look hot, and by all reports they go like stink ... what else could you want? :grin:
  5. How did you go with the Dragster ?
  6. I made an offer on it, but it was a fair bit below his asking price so he wanted time to think it over. He called me back and said he couldnt go that low. At that stage i wasnt prepared to make another, higher offer so i left it at that.

    He is still advertising it, so it obviously hasnt sold yet. So i will keep an eye on it and perhaps next week i will give him a call and make the offer again. Hopefully getting close to Xmas he will need the cash and accept my offer, especially if he hasnt had any other offers.
  7. gee, not many of those around duffy. Was the only shop that sold them the one in northbridge? I reckon it might be worth grabbing as they might become a collectable one day, you know, the phase three of the scooter world! :p
  8. Is that hub center steering I see there duffman?
  9. Agreed. Dont worry, i plan on getting one :)

    I've actually got another potential one up my sleeve. A friends dad has one in his garage that he never uses. I know for a fact that his wife is pressuring him to get rid of it. This is an absolutely mint one, i cant confirm but i believe it is a 1999 or 2000 model with something like 2,000km on it, always garaged never used. Unfortunately this guy is a collector and has an old Porsche and a relatively new Ferrarri so he doesnt need to sell it for the money! I'm constantly working on him and hopefully it will come up sometime soon. I've told him that if he ever sells it i will take it off his hands.

    As for the shop...i'm not sure actually. Cant remember. Scootering and bikes are only a fairly recent thing for me.