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Possible new bikes (or fakes?)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by undii, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Someone posted this with regards to a possible speed 675 but it also has a 1200 firestorm on it. No idea if they are photoshops/artist impressions of possibles but I'll put it up for people to have a look and remark on :)



  2. I think I've seen that picture of the supposed Speed 675 before (possibly on the 675 forums that you are also a member of Undii) and I think I remember somebody saying it was little more than a cut+paste job.
  3. The GSR1000 certainly makes sense - almost seems like they're trying to replace the SV series with the GSR. Not that surprising I guess, at least the GSR doesn't have to try and compete on price with Hyosung.
  4. Yeah they're photoshops.

    It seems like whatever the bike press is able to conceive, the motorcycle companies are able to fail to live up to it!

    The new model Hornet 900/CB1000 has been rumoured and photoshopped for years and years.
  5. The GSR1000 looks similar to the current GSR600. :cool:
  6. Bigger, better 'Storm would be nice! And the Triumph mini-Speed is very likely - I think even Hinkley (sp?) has dropped hints about one.