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Possible EBAY Dainese jacket scam.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Referring to this EBAY auction, I sent the buyer an email to ask for a close up pic of the label and whether I could drop around to try on the jacket.

    The quoted sizing didn't make sense, Xlarge/Euro 50 and it's supposedly a Dainese jacket for about $250 so worth checking out and clarifying right???

    Well, the email response was:

    That's the verbatim response. I let them know that I smelt a rat... haven't had a response yet.

    A quick google found this site which has the exact same jacket as the one on ebay. The site looks like a cheap n nasty wholesaling export site of some kind.

    Anyway, the bottom line is that the "Dainese" jacket is being made in China. :-k I wasn't aware that Dainese had a Chinese manufacturing arm making a jacket model that doesn't appear on the Dainese website!

    This sounds like rebranding and you wont be getting what you thought you were.

    Buyer beware!

  2. Next installments - quotes from two emails:

    :LOL:... yep when China comes on line! I like the misspelling of description to "decription". Very apt.

    ...The price and size have been modified, but not the title...

    I've got no qualms with them selling a lookalike jacket for a fair price... but the add doesn't say that does it.
  3. Report it as a fake on ebay then send Dianese an email telling them the same.

    They may even reward you with some new oggy knobs :)
  4. Rob, this looks like the same EBay jackets some guy was trying to sell to us on the KSRC site about a year ago.

    He was pegged pretty quick as some sort of copy shop operation.
  5. The quality of that jacket looks pretty s)&%!
  6. Heh, good to see that auction failed to attract any bidders. Now (in 30-odd minutes) they are selling another equally dodgy 'Alpinestars' jacket, from the same source in China. So far it has no bids either. It seems people are actually showing a bit of sense and staying away in droves - who'd have thought?
  7. seems to be a lot of real dodgy stuff on ebay at the moment.
    We have picked up some awsome joe rocket stuff, but ussually from ebay america, and was about 2 years ago. The trick was to get a few items at a time, as the stuff was cheaper but the postage killed us. getting a few items and combining postage you save heaps. My wife got an awsome leather jacket, a summer jacket and a cordura jacket, all Joe Rocket and all checked out as original and good quality. All up cost just under $500 australian, and set her up for all conditions.

    On the other side of things, we bought our 11 year old son a junior size 'NIKE' golf glove from a seller on ebay. he tried it on and the coating on the glove seemed to crack, took it to the practice nets for 10 minutes and he wore 2 holes in it.
    Sent an email to the seller, who advertised that he didnt refund. and told him i wasnt happy. He said it had never happened before and he would replace it if i sent it back. I told him i didnt want another cheap quality glove as i would be exchanging gloves with him on a weekly basis, as i couldnt see the next glove being any better. I also told him that i didnt think that the glove seemed like a quality product that nike would put their name on, Hinting that it was a fake. He quickly deposited the money back into my account, but demanded the glove back before i got my money (he said that he needed it to keep as proof of faulty stock). I later looked on the Nike website, and found that Nikes Range looked nothing like the glove that we recieved even the sizing and product codes didnt match.

    I have heard many other stories about dodgy golf equipment coming from ebay. So it is best to match stuff on ebay to official web sites before buying if it is possible.
  8. so this Alpinestars jacket is a fake then?

    how can you tell? I was planning on getting that one, but not if its a fake.

    Can anyone recommend a good armoured leather jacket for under $300?

    How about the best helmet for under $300?
  9. Of course its a fake.

    Have a look at A* website, do they make that model?

    How does aus_gifts_sports (very asian) get to sell A* gear at a pooftheenth of the price that they sell for RRP?

    I emailed these guys and asked if they were an official licenced product.

    They responded with "It's an original product" no shit sherlock, everything that is made by who-flung-dung in asia is an original no matter how fake it is. When I asked a further 2 times I was ignored. If they were licenced they would have responded the 2nd & 3rd time no?

    I emailed A* to let them know of the fakes being offered on ebay, they haven't replied, I've reported the items to ebay as counterfeit they haven't responded.

    What do you do?

    You can only go to so much effort.

    Good luck
  10. It's a fake and not a very good one. A* don't make one like it. You should have been suspicious when instead of giving a size, the seller has measured it across different sections with a ruler. :)

    As far as good jackets go, check out the joe rocket stuff. It's come down in price recently and seems to hod up well on the road. You'll get mosty textile jackets in your price range rather than leather but they are armored and do the job well. Also look at Shift, Ixon and RST. :)

    The best helmet for $300 is the one that fits your head. Go shopping and try them on. :)
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  12. Appreciate what you are saying but, if A* aren't giving a shit, why should I bother?
  13. Fair enough!