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Possible dodgy fuel alert - San Remo

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Hey all. Just letting you know that I bought some fuel from the Freedom servo in San Remo yesterday and since then have had probs with the bike stalling. Got fuel tank drained today but stalling continues and will need to take it back (hopefully tomorrow).

    When I filled up this morning (at a different servo!) I happened to mention about the dodgy fuel at San Remo and he said funny I should mention it cos he's had a few tell him the same thing over the last couple of days.

    So yeah, if you're gonna be near the Island and need fuel, prob best to get it in Cowes. Just in case.

  2. Those newer Freedom/United type servos often have fairly dodgy fuel they get cheap from singapore. I'm not at all surprised and generally avoid them at all costs.

    I hope you get the bike sorted quickly Rosie. :)
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  4. looks like your being watched rosie
    be carefull with your fuel
    or maybe buy a kawasaki
    I know of a good 12 going for sale soon (or maybe now)
  5. Thanks Trevor. It all seems very basic (thanks to your effort!). Will reply in that thread. :)

    Thanks Seany - debating with self as to whether to try fixing it myself (thanks to Trevor). As for that fuel, I've never had a prob from there before, but wont be going back again. Will stick to BP or Mobil in Cowes.

    Hello stranger! Why the sale? Getting/got something better? How's Lisa going? Say hi to her for me - bet she's doing awesome on the bike now!
  6. I'm pretty sure that Dept of Fair Trading have a dodgy fuel line where you can report it too.....
    (Not 100% sure).
  7. Actually the department of the Environment:

    I posted that link last time we had a thread on dodgy fuel ;).
    (Maybe it should go into a sticky somewhere - something for a bored mod to do perhaps?).
  8. The fuel is bad quality from the SanRemo Freedom Servo, If your going down to the island or around the area, the best fuel around is the Lang Lang Shell Servo on the Highway.
  9. Yeah that's no good for me though B3NKobe as I live here - but not stressed - will just swing by Cowes in the morning to fuel up.