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Possible clutch problem?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Greydog, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. It happened to me 3 times today on the learner ride. Bike wouldn't go out of gear when I pulled up - twice on the ride, and once on the way home after I stopped to get some scripts filled at the chemist. A lot of jiggling finally got it back into neutral, but I can't start it if it's in gear, even with the clutch held in. Is that usual? I thought I've started it in first (clutch in) before, back in my pottering days when it wasn't unusual for me to stall it, but it hasn't allowed me to do it lately.

    What do you think?

  2. Does it have a cable or hydraulic actuated clutch ????
  3. Two wire beside the clutch lever, see if those are disconnected, that may be the problem with starting it in gear.

    Your bike may need an oil change/service, when was your last one?
  4. I'm not sure bretto61; it's a vtr250 so I'm assuming a cable. Last service was at 1100km by the previous owner, and it's now done just over 3000km, so not due yet.

    I'll have a look at the two wires.
  5. Hmmm....shouldn't need adjusting already.

    Bent something from a little low speed drop perhaps?
    Can you bring it to Berwick tomorrow?
  6. Well if it has two reservoirs on either side of the handle bars it's hydraulic. And will look like this pic.

    If not it will only have the one on the right hand side of the bars which is the brake fluid reservoir. Which is what we are hoping for. In this case you will need to adjust the cable. Where the cable goes into the clutch perch. (where the clutch lever sits on the bars) Left hand side of the bars :) There will be a round washer that is ribbed. About the size of a ten cent piece. Thumb that towards you sitting on the bike (anti clock wise) to loosen it. Then the cable will have a metal piece that screws into the perch. Undo that a few rotations and try your clutch. You want to feel like there is pressure from the start of the pull. If it feels good and works then tighten that 10c piece thing back up again. All done.
    if it's like that photo and has two reservoirs it will mean more work and adjustments first down on the engine casing.
  7. Bretto, definately cable then. Only one reservoir, which is brake fluid.

    Chef, not sure, but I can try. I work tomorrow, and don't get home until around 5ish depending on the traffic. If you pm me your mobile, I can send you a text. It might be dark tho - is that a problem? Also if it's pouring, better not; I'm not good with pouring yet. I can let you know.
  8. Ah no problems hon. I'm working in Berwick tomorrow but will be leaving at 3:30. I live a bit further in on the Mash if you want to make the trip but it will save me carting tools.

    I'll shoot you a PM.

    Well I wont shoot you.

    ...well you know what i mean.
  9. Sounds like either clutch adjustment and if that is OK then dirty oil, although if you've only done 3000 that shouldn't be an issue.

    How is the clutch adjustment? Most bikes should have about 2-3 mm of slack at the lever.
  10. Adjustment "seems" Ok; I can't say I've noticed anything wrong. Having said that, I really have nothing to compare with.

    Ashamed to say I haven't been out since Sunday - too windy, wet and cold for this little black duck. Hoping to go out later in the week. Chef has offered to give me a hand too, which is kind of him. Hopefully I'll be able to take him up on his offer in the not too distant future.
  11. We had a similar problem with the clutch on my gf ninja. Wouldn't start in first sometime even with the clutch pulled in. Played around with the adjuster didn't help. When I did a service however, by adjusting the clutch cable down the lower end where it connects to the tranny, no at the top near the handle bars, that completely fix the problem.
  12. OK, I'll keep a squiz for that too. Thx
  13. And Strife gets the meat tray!

    Chef was just about to help me find the problem when I saw bare metal on the clip of one of the cables - it needed recrimping, which Chef took care of for me; thanks mate. Now it starts in gear with the clutch in, and hopefully doesn't give me any more grief.

    Chef also helped me with some other stuff, and threw in a heap of good advice whilst he was at it. Much appreciated.
  14. You say cold and windy but we all know it's really the blister :LOL:

    Pay attention to Chef, his advice is good.
  15. Nah, the blister was OK after a couple of days of tentative sitting (I said sitting!).

    All good now.

    Happy birthday BTW
  16. biatch! You owe me cake for that.