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Possible choke issue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by geckom, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,
    I recently bought a second hand CBF250 and have been riding it for a week. I am a very new rider so this might be a silly question. Every time I ride the bike I am unable to left the choke go under about half way even after running it for an hour. I live in Brisbane and its about 25-30 degrees at the moment. I start the bike with about 3/4 choke and then try to turn it down when it has warmed up but am never able to get it below half way without the engine rev'ing to low and dropping out.

    Is this normal or something I should get looked at? If it isn't normal is there anything I can do to fix this issue?


  2. This probably should be in the Technical & trouble-shooting section..

    Also please introduce yourself in the welcome lounge.

    And your bike should not be doing that, get it looked at asap...
  3. reads like the idle stop is set too low.
  4. Sorry about posting to the wrong forum. If a mod reads this please move the thread.

    Yeah I have been suspecting it was the idle set to low. I was gonna play around with that tonight to see if that helps the problem. If its not then I'm not sure where the problem is. I will post an update when I test the idle stop.

  5. Well after 35 minutes of fiddling with the idle knob I managed to get it to idle without the choke on. Still seems like it take a lot to get it there. Although I wasn't riding it, only having it sit there there neutral waiting for it to warm up.

    If there are no more suggestions on getting this working a bit better, I will take it into the mechanic on Saturday.

  6. OK in answer to your first question, this is not normal. A choke should normally only be required for a few minutes at most until your bike warms up. On a warm day in Brisbane this should not take long.

    Should also not take 35 minutes of fiddling with the idle. You turn it up until it idles at the required revs. (which by the way may prevent it stalling but if there are other underlying issues won't fix them).

    When was the last time your bike was tuned? If the bike is not tuned it is likely not to idle.
  7. After tweaking the idle a few times over the last day or two, yesterday morning and afternoon my bike started up perfectly. Started with choke and turned it off after 1-2mins and it idled perfectly at about 1,300. I also took it to a motorbike mechanic who agreed the idle was just not set right and it was causing problems. The bike hadn't been ridden for awhile when I first got it so that probably also inflated the problem.

    But all good now! Lesson learnt, if your having troubles turning off your choke try adjusting your idle first up ;)