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Possible Carpal Tunnel aid

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cruisingal, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Even though I have nerve and tendon damage, the symptoms are very similar to CTS, so I hope this can be of some help to fellow sufferers.

    A couple of weeks ago I bought a throttle rocker (RRP $7.50) and have had about 90% pain relief when riding. \:D/

    It took a couple of rides to get the hang of it but I am out there riding more because I am not in any real pain and thoroughly enjoying riding again, relatively pain free (in the right hand, anyway)

    It's a little moulded plastic gizmo that clips over the throttle and extends to rest your wrist on. With this support you use a combination of (less) wrist and more palm (of hand) to twist the throttle and not so much wrist action.

    This was a really cheap solution for me, because I was going to update the bike because of it. I have already put handlebar risers on to try and get more upright.

    I let my sister-in-law try it for about 40km (my hand and wrist was killing me in less that 3km without it) and she's getting one now too.

    I hope that it can be of help to others, but for the RRP of $7.50 if it doesn't work it is no great loss.
  2. any pics/ links?

    i get cts in my right hand during big jobs, it has yet to impact my riding but i do deliberately cut back on my riding just in case
  3. I'll take a photo tomorrow and post it up. This little thing was a godsend for me.
  4. Hi
    where did you get it from?
    is it something like this as I have been looking at one of these

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  6. I used one of these for a while as was having wrist/elbow probs (right arm). Did help - but also found it a hindrence when I got into a wee problem & needed the front brake fast - pushed down on the accelerater at the same time :eek: I now wear a strap that sits just below my elbow & seems to help with both probs (when I remember to put it on that is!) as bike, lifting & baking all aggrevate it ..... :)

  7. Hi Donna, it took me a few hours in the saddle to get used to it.

    I absolutely hated it the first time I put it on and went up to Licola through the twisties. I took it off to come home and couldn't believe how I missed it . :? The next day I put it back on and found it heaps easier, but I had to adjust my riding stlye somewhat and it's all good now.

    Must be from getting all those dog bicky's in and out of the oven :grin:
  8. These things are really good, but a word of caution, don't use them with heated grips. I had one on my BMW R1150R. and in use they turn ever so slightly on the grip. They need to be so tight on the grip to work, that as they turn they gradually break the element of the heated grip. The BMW guys showed me the damaged part, and how it occured. They still replaced it under warranty though...I love BMW..
  9. Its actually rolling the dough ...... similar wrist action to turning on the throttle :p
  10. Those words from an otherwise sane grown man...
    *shakes head*
  11. Oi, wind yer head in, and who the hell are you calling sane?.. :wink:
  12. Thanks for that Inci, cos I was going to get heated grips for next winter. Looks like I will just have to keep wearing my cotton gloves under my winter ones :?