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Possible busted helmet? What do you guys reckon.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matressking, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. So, I got in the shower this morning, gf was cleaning up and put my helmet and jacket on the bed. I came out to find her little guy playing with the helmet on the floor.

    I don't think he's strong enough to lift it properly or smart enough to have lowered it down so the likelihood is that he pulled it off the bed onto the floor.

    So a 2.5 foot drop onto carpeted floor...how hard do you have to hit a helmet to do whatever it is that happens that makes it useless?
  2. they probably get knocked round harder than that by the courier guys delivering them I reckon. I wouldn't be too concerned especially if it's carpet flooring
  3. oh man, not this again!!!!!

    it will be finer than fine.

    Think about it, if it fails after such a small drop it stands no hope of saving your melon in a real crash.
  4. oops sorry!
  5. I'd say it's gone, if I were you I'd look at buying a new helmet. If you'd like to get rid of it, I'd be happy to take it off your hands for free. By the way, what make and helmet is it? :wink: :wink:

    Just joking mate, I can't see it being a problem unless your missus' little guy is Bam-bam from the Flintstones.
  6. +1 to that imo....although i can understand it might weaken the outer shell the part that should compact in a accident, will be the inside section so work on that as long a no marks on the out side if it was me i wouldn't be worried.

    cheers stewy
  7. he's just turned 2 and sometimes i wonder...
  8. looks like you will have to sell you bike now.. that carpet is nasty stuff.
  9. Yes.

    Both the helmet and the carpet should be replaced.
  10. i will be speaking to an engineer i know who will advise on how to repair the damage that has been caused to the footings of the house
  11. lol well tbh i thought it was a sensible question.
    at HART we were told to always store them on the floor so they couldn't be dropped as if they contained some sort of highly unstable nuclear material.

    i'm guessing from the replies they are sturdier than i was led to believe!
  12. maybe now i'll go start a thread about how i saw a guy riding in a t-shirt and shorts
  13. his helmet must have fallen off his bed and thus all of his riding gear had to be throen in a fire..
    here i was thinking i was going to get some work done today..maybe not.
  14. so what you're saying is that the guys at HART are jerkoffs that don't know anything and that my helmet is actually stronger having fallen off the bed?

    to paraphrase.
  15. no they are not jerkoffs. helmets are pretty tough.. if you have it on the roof of your car and take off and it tumbles down the road then i would have it looked at but 2 feet onto carpet isnt much. handlebar to concrete is no real issue either. i think its great you are concerned as some people will throw anything on their head and off they go.. NR is just full of people who dont like to work and thus use our energy by taking the piss.
  16. The impact as it hit the floor could be felt all the way down here in Melbourne.

    But in all seriousness, the only thing you'll have to be concerned about is grimy little fingerprints all over your visor.
  17. see we just cant help ourselves.. its more the cheesestick jammed in the vents that would have got to me.
  18. That and the vegemite and butter smeared all over the lining
  19. lol yet you aren't getting the fact that i am now taking the piss out of the thread myself!?

    my main concern now is that i'm not 100% sure how procreation works and the "banging" caused by the helmet hitting the floor may have impregnated my obviously fertile gf. I will ask her to take a test and rush back here with the results.
  20. well if she is make sure when the kid arrives you sell it off as those things are quite handy when it comes to destroying helmets