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Possible anti-depressants for (nerve) pain relief?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Well I thought I'd cross post of a post I did in a forum solely dedicated to what I have "Brachial Plexus Injury" and see if anyone happens to have any possible answers.. Thanks for reading if you do :)

    Hi there,
    With my healing/recovery from my BPI, I'm in a stage where it feels like my "injured muscles/nerves" are waking up as I never used to feel pain in certain injured areas and I am now. A nerve conduction study has confirmed this by showing I am finally able to get singals to/from the injured areas. It's great news but in turn, it's giving me A LOT OF PAIN at moment. Usually soon as I wake up to various times of the day, it's becoming a hassle. I'm on 400mg (2 X 200mg time relase) tramal, 150 mg lyrica, paracetamol to supplement at times (usually after meals) and also of recent, back on oxycontin. I'm a weird case with opiates as (I've never been a recreational user nor have ever had opiates outside of medical reasons) and morphoine has NEVER worked (after operations/last years traffic accident), well not in quantities I have been given. And I guess it is related (directly), oxycontin has a (lot less) effect on me. Last week or two, I started on 10mg dose each time (2 daily time release), 2 days later, needed 20mg. Another 3-4 days later, on 40mg each time. Now I'm taking 80 mg each dose after a week from going on 40mg and it is JUST relieving pain, no 'high' or full relief, just giving me some/most of pain relief.

    Which is good but I can see myself needing 120-160mg in a few days again, it will most likely keep raising until I either heal from this stage (who knows when? As most of us know, nerves take a looooong time to do things). Anyway my G.P and pain management specialists have talked about possible anti-depressant use. So far I felt I haven't needed it but lately, starting to think I will most likely need it if this keeps up (needing more oxycontin every few days). I just took 80mg of oxycontin 2-3 hours ago and hmmm, I'm slightly feeling pain but can't see any motor control effects from it on me etc, still, I won't risk it by controlling a vehicle or machinery.

    I've been rather 'scared'/weary of taking anti-depressants as I've seen quite a few people (some were friends) who have had bad episodes with anti-depressants. I was wondering if people have either needeed or need them in (nerve) pain relief or know of them. And if so, what possible ones could I be prescribed (if there is a target group) or is it too wide to mention as it relies on an individuals circumstances on what is prescribed. Main reason I want to know is I'm seeing the pain management specialist in 4 days so I'd like to do some background research on them if I can to prepare myself with questions/knowledge for thursdays meeting.

    Thanks for reading and I wish you all a good Easter.

    Once again, thanks for reading if you have done so :)
  2. Hi mate,

    I was put a mild dose of anti depressents for believe it or not, knee and ankle "arthritis" pain and continue to take them as part of my permanent pain management. Mind you, I am not an old man, just joints wearing out.

    When the doctor first suggested them, I was a bit worried about what you described and I insisted that I was not depressed.

    Nevertheless, I gave them a go and was amazed at how they can reieve MY pain (not all of it mind you)

    They have and are working for me, but I have to be careful with what other meds I can take.

    You are on a lot of different meds and careful management is needed to sidestep some pretty awful side effects and clashes with your current meds.

    Good Luck.

  3. oxycontin are just sugar pills, they have to be. They have failed to give me any releif at all.

    The combination of oxynorm and panadol however work wonders.

    ive recently substituted the panadol for aspalgin and i dont think that combo is any good.

    today my elbow is the same size as my thigh :(

    the pain is out of control and nothing i do is relieving it :(

    Perhaps I need a PSP with motoGP to get me by these next 6 weeks or i'm going to go fcuken nuts :(
  4. Wazza, you could suggest Aropax to your doctor and see if it is suitable for you? :wink:
  5. anything in the group of SSRI's is what they will prescribe for you. arropax, lovan, zoloft, effexor etc.
    they all act in similar ways, and will interact with your current medication so make sure the doc knows all the meds you are currently on :)
  6. Ah, SSRI's are what I'm worried about. I have done help (social work side of stuff/information about drug use) and seen people prescribed with SSRI's highlight the "bad side" of anti-deps. I'll have a BIG talk to the doc I guess. I'm not too keen on "messing with serotonin", I like to supplement mine with L-tryptophan to help try help generate serotonin and L-tyrosine for dopamine. I've tried 5-HTP before but felt no noticable 'help' from it but did find noticable change (for the better) with L-tryptophan for increase of general mood (placebo?? Don't think so just because I took it with the same thought of 5-htp which I couldn't feel any change)

    But thanks anyway, I'll definitely have a good talk to both the pain management specialist + local G.P. as he has also been doing background research on me for me as a "small favour". Probably because I'm supplementing his next spanish villa with my 1-3 visits a week to him at times :LOL:
  7. Wife was on Aropax for years, she said the best thing about them was looking at the packet and telling it to get fcuked.

    She was a normal person again the minute she went off them
  8. Checking out Aropax in the Australian Medicines Handbook I have, that's also a SSRI. As said before, I'll have to have a good long talk I think to my pain management specialist on Thursday. I really have a LOT of horror stories from people who have been prescribed SSRI's but then again, most were prescribed due to drug misuse/abuse induced paranoia/depression/la la la. But 2 cousins had SSRI's from "relationship bustups" induced depression and that ended up pretty bad as well.

    I guess if people have GOOD stories regarding SSRI's, I'd like to hear them, help give me some confidence for Thursday's chat I guess. Off to google as well for the good side of SSRI's. Cheers for the info mate, did you acually have good stories of Aropax due to mentoning it?
  9. Ah, that's the stuff I wanna hear about. Mucho appreciated!
  10. Undii, Is what you have like Fibromyalgia? (muscle condition)

    I was prescribed an antidepresant (cant remeberwhat it was) and i looked it up on the net. When I read all of the possible effects (i go psycho on psudoephadrine otherwise known as sudafed) i decided to just live with it.
    I work on diet and gentle excersise (eventhough it kills me) and a bluddy good cry every now and then.

    Im too terrified to try those heavy medications. I had some close friends that are more screwd up by the drugs than they were by their original conditions.
  11. There is a brilliant pain management doctor that works at 42 The Avenue, (next door to my work) Dr. Vallipuram or similar.

    I need to go see him next week, i'll grab you his contact details

    p.s wife was on aropax due to the sudden loss of her mum.
  12. Yes :)

    And if you ever wanted to go down the natural therapies road, I have a Naturopath that I swear by (he's in Geelong but worth the trip!)
  13. I've been taking a low-moderate dose of Efexor for a few years, without any problems I'm aware of.

    Of course, maybe you should be asking my family about side-effects! :LOL:

    I understand you need to be careful about weaning yourself off SSRIs. You don't want to go cold turkey, but rather to progressively reduce the dose over a period of some weeks.
  14. ive been on fluoxetine for around 7 years, and other than the lack of sensitivity down there :shock: which goes away after about 4 weeks, i have had no adverse reactions/problems.

    the problems people get are when they switch from ssri's to maoi's which if done incorrectly can be fatal. also i guess there is a general dumbing of the brain initially, but again, it is something you get used to.

    it is interesting about your tolerance to opiates, because i too have a similar tolerance to benzodiazepines. ive been taking alprazolam morning and night for 3 years and still pull 15-16hr shifts without even so much as a microsleep.
    not to mention that i have never passed a work drug test :LOL: but i got a license to be wasted ;)

  15. I go to Geelong about once every month or two now. I kinda grew up near Geelong (age 13+), place called Indented Head actually. I'd LOVE to live back there if it remains relatively the same when I reach "retiring age". So heading to Geelong is no big deal for me plus when I get tattooed again, I'll most likely be heading to Geelong to get the rest done. I used to work in a tattoo/piercing place in Geelong so hopefully I can go back there to get (cheap) work again would be great. It sucks when normal pricing is $100/hr until you get to know the person/s working on you then it can drop by whatever price. Especially if I get another 50-200 hours of work on my leg and back to finish off what I got started it could work out somewhat expensive $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  16. Another interesting thing as well, with Benzo's (too long to type quick) I have a natural tolerance as well. Something else I never have taken recreationally etc and yet I needed 4 or 5 stilnox the first night I took them to sleep where it was drilled into me that 1 would make me really drowsy / knock me out for a bit. Yet even after the 4 or 5 I had, I woke up 4 hours later "fresh" as. Really shocked each medical pro I told about that. And also (still) taking mogadon to help sleep, I need 3 or 4 to get drowsy as with both, I have had 2-3 and 3 to 4 hours later, NOT TIRED so I took an extra one each hour until I feel tired and/or drop off to sleep. I still wake up 4-5 hours later after taking benzo's feeling fresh as. I'm glad I never became a user/abuser of opiates and/or benzo's simply because it would cost me 4-20 times as much to get the same effect as others it seems.

    I've always had weird reactions to most pharm drugs. I either get STRONG effects (from a less than normal dose) from some or really tolerant to effects and need a lot higher dose to get desired effects. I'm really an enigma when it comes to pharm drugs. As a few friends have said to me (medical profession related workers) "Wazza, you're not human!" when they hear of my experiences with these things.

    It's been "normal for me" to be the exception of the rule for normal society. Parents always laugh how I was "different as a child". I couldn't speak until the age of 4 or 5 due to being told I had "dyslaxia" basically I couldn't control the position of my tongue at that age until early teens (for speaking) They proved correct as I couldn't speak properly for many years (had 5 or 6 years of speech therapy as well to boot) but as my parents say, it didn't stop me from speaking non stop from the minute I was finally able to speak my first word "merry go round".

    Well this weekend, you guys know a little more about me. :grin: And looks like I've gained a bit of knowledge of people as well and general info. Win win win :grin:
  17. I'm on a massive daily dose of 450mg of Efexor ,1200 of Epillem and min of 30mg of Serapax.
    Just recently I found out that one of the bad side effects of Efexor is that, when used for bi-polar, theres no coming off it. Ever. :shock:
  18. I'm not big on the names and stuff so I don't know if it's been mentioned as something else, but have you considered something like valium every now and then? I developed wry neck (twisted neck essentially) and the pain just about had me passing out - breathing brought tears to me eyes. To make matters worse, I can't take codeine so none of the good pain relief was an option. Instead, I was prescribed valium as a muscle relaxant and I found that with the valium (very very low dose), I didn't even need any painkillers. Granted that was for basically a muscular thing which is why it worked so well, but it might be worth considering if it's deemed suitable for your circumstances?

    edit: low dose, not lose dose! :)
  19. I tried sleeping tabs when i worked the night clubs, 4 hrs tops is all I was getting.
    I took valium once when I hurt my neck one night, slept like a trooper.

    Now if I take one, I just about salivate at the keyboard and start to face plant :grin: Never did take another Euhypnos tablet after that :)
  20. Not Chris Reed by any chance is it?