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positive effect of fuel prices

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by redrocket, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Source: AAP
    Kiwis prefer bikes over high fuel costs
    04/07/2006 03:20:44 PM

    "New Zealanders responding to high petrol prices and a weak currency are turning to motorbikes and small cars, or not buying cars at all, according to the latest vehicle statistics from Land Transport New Zealand.

    June car registrations were down 19.2 per cent on last June, with new car registrations down 17.1 per cent and used cars down 20.4 per cent.

    Small car models made up 40 per cent of cars sold in the first half of 2006 compared with 30 per cent in the first half of 2005.

    Motorbike sales rose for their 27th consecutive month on the year ago month with the 758 sold in June up by a third on June 2005.

    Motorbike sales for the first half of 2006 were 45 per cent ahead of the first half of 2005."
  2. good news. more riders means more share of road and more voice.

    i heard on the radio yesterday that petrol prices are finally starting to affect consumer spending here so maybe we'll start to see a similar trend....
  3. definitely effecting spending look at the the amount people are spending on retail goods compared to a few years ago. I read a survey about spending habits and petrol is deterring people from buying luxuries.
  4. Can you blame em?

    "Hmm, what to buy? Toyota Prius or BIKE?"
    ...although I reckon anyone who considers buying a Prius wouldn't buy a bike...or I could be wrong...
  5. And the result ...
    http://www.nzherald.co.nz/section/story.cfm?c_id=1&ObjectID=10389287 :(
  6. I talk to people, some of them who have been riding, and they tell me they prefer "life over saving a couple of bucks" because "you can be careful all you want until a cabbie pulls out in front of ya". My family is being really supportive too:"hell, prices rise, keep up with them like everyone else does!"
    It's really good to see I'm not alone in believing that spending 110 bucks a week on petrol for a thristy 535i is stupid. While I'll keep the car, I do 90% of my driving alone anyway, so why not ride? It's more fun anyway!
    It's annoying to be surrounded with people who think gettin onto a bike in Sydney equals suicide.
  7. Maybe I'm reading too much into this but...

    says to me that he went to a party, got pissed, then attempted to ride a mini bike. I expect he didnt even have a bike license :(
  8. I was last over in NZ in Febuary, and their fuel prices are way above ours. Australia is, at least for the time being, largely self-sufficent for oil production, we hardly import at all. We've got it good, I'm not surprised bikes are taking over in NZ. NZ has great bike roads too (shame about the snow and ice in winter though- not to mention the sub-zero weather)

    Incidentally, in NZ those $500 chinese mini-bikes you see on Ebay are road legal! Can be registered and everything.

    You can get your licence for a bike really young too.
  9. There are definitely more bikes on teh road. However, a worrying trend is tools on trailbikes, who have whacked some indicators on them and ride like fcukwits. Yeah, flanelette and tracksuit pants are safety gear!
    And we all know about scooters!
    I love these people who say just keep up with fuel prices...hmm, do you think that if fuel prices stay high, the economy wil take a downturn and reduce disposable income via lower wages? I think so. It's already happening. It turned a $50/week commute into a $15/week commute for me.
    And people who say it's unsafe..hmm, I know a guy who rode bikes in Sydney for 25 years on a regular commute, and had NOT ONE SINGLE ACCIDENT. It's all about attitude. I know several people who have been killed/injured in car accidents. Does that make cars less safe?
    And people who think fuel prices will come back down are delusional!
    I took up motorbike riding initially to get a cheaper form of transport(this was before $1.20 litre fuel) and now I am reaping the rewards, both financially and with enjoyment!
    Anyway, it got me in to riding, and now I am hooked.

    Ride on!

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Not just Sydney. I get furious when peole call bikers "Temporary citizens".

    Next time someone says that to me, I'll just say "It's mostly because of moronic drivers like yourself that we're 'temporary citizens'".
  11. Personaly i believe there are a lot of riders who deserve the title "Temporary Australian" Not all of us, but those who do things like launching down Chaple st on there back wheel at 80 are simply not going to live.

    Yeah do that sh!t all you want... just doing it in a busy st is asking for a box
  12. Someone doing that on one of our city centre streets (Canberra Ave) got himself killed. First on scene was a guy I worked with. All he saw was lots of dust, a bike flipping through the air, and seconds later, a young man lying in the middle of the road in two very separate pieces. He was doing very stupid things on his bike and he paid the ultimate price. I have little sympathy for him, but a lot for his friends and family.
  13. And the anti-motorcycle peole are well aware of this. :evil:

    From one of our better known road safety researchers and a leading anti-motorcycle advocate(Prof Narelle Haworth) -

    "Traffic congestion, increases in fuel prices and so on encourage people into motorcycling. If we are not careful, there is going to be a very large and continuing increase because of that pressure." :evil:

  14. Homer: "Marge, we're buying Lisa a horse."
    Marge: "Homer, we can't afford to buy a horse."
    Homer: "Marge, with gas prices the way they are we can't afford NOT to buy Lisa a horse."
  15. While standing at the register in a bottle shop the other week I over heard a guy ( owner of a gas conversion company) tell the checkout guy that he had just received a memo from fuel companies informing them that by the end of the year we will all be paying MIN $2.00 per litre for petrol :shock: .... So anyone that thinks prices will drop needs to pull their heads out of the sand. As seen on the news last night... Petrol companies are making record profits so why would they lower prices?? They are laughing all the way to the bank, because no matter what price they set...WE have to pay it :? This week we will be paying around $1.45 to $1.49 a litre because America is having their 4th of July holidays :shock: What a lame excuse for a price hike... Where the hell is the ACCC?????? :mad: :mad: :evil: :evil:
  16. Funny that, petrol stations around my area actually went down in price.
    Unleaded was $1.29 this moring ! :?

    I know when I pass it this afternoon it will be 10cents higher !

    Man I hate it when they do that !! :evil:
  17. The ACCC is a toothless tiger, it should be wound up. It has achieved nothing of note since it's creation.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. I agree typhoon :wink: But I bet those ACCC guys have very full pockets/wallets now..thanks to the oil companies :arrow: :wink: :wink:
  19. Only since the Feds managed to rid themselves of Alan Fels, and appointed a tame lap-dog in his place!
    Don't expect any decisions favouring the consumer any time soon.
  20. When was he replaced, because I can't recall any decision made in our favour.