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Positive ACA story... Road rage

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Vertical C, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Well fcuk me they had a positive motorcycle story in them.


    Although she was a real loony even they couldn't back that one. I like how she changes from saying he was in the wrong to saying that she would have been at fault. It's hilarious

    Nice ad for legalised filtering.
  2. I was hoping the media would pick that one up!
  3. So, the dude got a hot girls number, winning!
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  4. so he stopped in the middle lane as he was concerned for his safety. righto
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  5. I honestly feel sorry for this women. Someone filters past her, doesn't move when he can so she filters back past him. He freaks out, overtakes her and stops her in the middle of a busy road to tell her off about something he thought was wrong but wasn't. Then she get's plastered all over the news as the crazy biatch.

    He's lucky he did that shit to someone so docile.
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  6. Reckon you've got it right, Smilee.
    Pro tip, kids - never brake check a bogan in an SUV.
  7. Oh, I saw the video but missed the story (and maybe misunderstood what I was seeing). I thought she almost rear ended him when he was coming to a normal stop, and she was trying to justify it because he was filtering / something.

    He seriously decided she was in the wrong and the correct action was to stop in front of a car tailgating him, in the middle lane, to tell her off?
    That's a good way to get rear ended. Makes me think of this:

  8. When I first saw the video I was trying to work out why the fcuk the rider stopped in the middle of the road. Now I know - he's a fcuking idiot who got distracted and let his dick do the thinking for him.
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  9. There is the front view.
  10. Yep, not paying attention. No doubt the blonde chick is hot - but why the fcuk stop in the middle of the road - dumb chap.
  11. Even if the rider did make a couple of mistakes, doesn't give the stupid bogan the right to behave like a f***wit. She should not have been following so close that she could not stop if she needed to. She is totally wrong and a total disgrace. No Excuses.
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  12. Looking at the clip - she did stop in time. Fair enough she went off like a frog in a sock, but no punches where thrown and it's not always the drivers fault.
    In this case the rider should have packed his dick away and focused on his riding.
  13. As far as I see she got lippy with someone who blocked her way twice in a minute. One time deliberately and dangerously so he could tell her off for passing his stationary vehicle at a set of traffic lights, something he'd done to her a minute earlier.

    I dont think she could have really done anything differently besides articulating her point better. He backed her into a corner and forced her to respond.

    10/10 for candii for cooling the situation down though.
  14. Candy, if you're out there, give this cone head a miss luvee.
  15. Seems to me that both parties are at least in some part in the wrong (which is probably more usual than any of us would care to admit really) and both have an opportunity to learn. From what I've seen of the riders - he has at least in part reviewed the situation and learned some of the road rules from it (such as there is no obligation to let the bike go first). So far it doesn't appear as though there's any social media posts from the other party so who knows if they have had a similar thought after all calms down.

    In the end, it doesn't matter who's in the right - on the road we can escalate an issue, or decrease it with our actions. All that woman needed to have was a brain fart and snapped, and she may have decided to accelerate instead of stop. Would that have been worth it to the rider? Or in her fury she may have pushed her daughter just that little harder backwards into the path of another car and killed her own girl. And all for what? Ego? Proving a point?

    It doesn't matter how frustrating a situation is - I've learned to back off - let the other party go away and get back to concentrating on riding or driving.
  16. <jokes> Oh wait - I see he got the other girls contact details - maybe it was worth the risk to him after all. ;) </jokes>
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  17. From the second extended video post from smileedude, I reckon the bloke on the bike is the f*ckwit and lucky to have not been rear ended. (Police, would probably take this view also???)
    First few seconds of the video show him chatting to the chick in the next car, then to take off whilst still looking at the chick, yes the bogan mum could have waited a few seconds for him to disappear, but we live in a impatient society nowadays. The F/W on the bike, was to then brake and stop in front of the car, whilst in the middle lane, was lunacy.
    The rider certainly picked his mark, with 2 women in the car, doubt he would have done it, if it was 2 blokes.
    I have always had the belief that if words are exchange, and you dismount your bike, or jump out of a car, then things can escalate very quickly and you had better be up for it.
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  18. Yep, dobbodobbo don't point a gun at someone unless you're prepared to pull the trigger.
  19. WombleWomble l'm not sure where your coming from with your reply to my previous post? Whether your agreeing with me or otherwise?

    But yes, l know where l stand on such matters and what l'm prepared for!
  20. I'm agreeing with you.
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