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Positioning Rear Stand - Anywhere on the swing arm?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by chokpa, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    Noob question about a rear stand with the L bracket (VTR250 no spools).

    Can I put it anywhere on the Swingarm or are there pressure points to avoid? Is it okay to leave it on the stand for a few days or is it more natural to keep it on the rear stand?

    Cheers! :nopity:
  2. You can plonk it anywhere underneath your swingarm without doing any damage and you can leave it there indefinitely if you like.

    However if you're using it to adjust your chain or to remove your back wheel then it needs to be forward enough to clear the rear axle obviously. It pays to loosen the axle nut while it's on it's sidestand so you don't risk rocking it off the paddock stand while you're putting pressure on it.

    Something to watch out for is running the bike while it's sitting on the 'L' brackets as the vibration can slide the bike along the brackets until it touches the ground and falls over. To counter this you can use a zip tie or something similar to put around your front brake lever to make a 'hand brake' and stop the bike moving.

    Also it's not a good idea to top up your oil on the paddock stand as your filler window will give a false reading.
  3. Just in front of the rear wheel nuts works for me.

    Bye the way put something infront and behind the front wheel to stop the bike moving.

    It'll be fine on the stand for as long as you want.
  4. cheers. Did that, ready to take the wheel off now
  5. Yep, and to add to that even without vibration.

    Story short; brand new R6, broadford, L-brackets (spools hadn't been brought/fitted yet), no motor running, no one around the bike, pits, no wind, flat ground, everything perfectly ideal, bike topples over - light damage/scratch's to fairing.

    Moral of story; hand brake device on front brake as Chef mentioned, zip tie or velcro loop. Pickup spools if you have them.

    Bikes are amazing creatures, they always want to fall over when they aren't moving forward.

    Also on pick-up spools, the V bracket things you use on the rear stand on certain bikes scratch your swing arm frame (Daytona 675 does). Get someone to hold your bike vertical and place your stand / pick-ups on the spools. Don't life it yet, just look and observe the V pickups on your stand, and mark with a texta where you need to bend them. Remove stand. Bend the V-brackets outwards slightly so they clear the frame.

    If that doesn't make sense I'll try and get a photo later in the week when my bike returns.

  6. Killer advice. Thanks guys

    Got the wheel off yesterday so im trying to not lose any bits before I take it to bikebiz to get a new tyre.

    Wondering what I can do in the meantime while the wheel is off and the stands are on. Might change the brake pads too