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Posers in the Twisties

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Justus, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. #1 Justus, Dec 26, 2006
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    No idea if this vid has been put up before but check out these
    tossers hanging off their bikes. :roll: :LOL: :LOL:


  2. The same sort you see hanging off turning into a driveway or round a roundabout at 25 km/h, or that you see most weekends out and about :LOL:
  3. What ya couldn't see was me dear old mum on her postie way out in front :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  4. :rofl:
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  6. Haha i'm afraid that's what i must look like sometimes :oops:

    Still learning and so been trying alot of different things. Though its not my usual practice sometimes i do try to hang off just to get the feel of it and other times i'm just plain fooling around :grin:
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    my dear old mum monos all the time as she is SOOOOOO big she has to sit on the luggage rack of her postie. She still rocks in the twisties :rofl: :rofl:
  8. You don't hang off the bike MG??

    So silly of them to lower the center of gravity in a corner to make the bike more stable, honestly what were they thinking?
  9. I look like that all the time if I'm having fun on an unfamiliar road.
    Never know when a bend will tighten or you have to doge something.

    Better to have the lean ready and not need it, than need it and not have it.
    Your posture makes so much difference to getting out the other side of some corners/not if you're going fast enough.

    ... and while I frequently lean in and find myself too far on the inside corner so I know I could have gone through a section faster - I'm glad I'm not on the outside going too fast for what I want the bike to do.

    -have also been in the situation where the unexpected happens and being ready to dive into a corner at a touch has been the difference between a relaxed ride home and an off.
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  11. The riders in the OP are just a bunch of typical guys on a blatt. Nothing special going on there.

    IMO, I don't think they are leaning and hanging off very effectively. Notice where their heads are with respect to the bike... basically, most of their weight is not shifting on the bike. In TOTW talk, keeping your head centred while shifting your arse is called "crossing up".

    Having said that, ANY leaning is better than no leaning when pushing the envelope in a corner.

    I think someone should direct the poster of the 315posers video to one of PNUT's or Cathars vids... now there's some riding going on!
  12. Not like they do; exaggerated & not done correctly either and certainly not when its not required (slow 25km/h turns).
    I even noticed a few times position of feet (for guy in blue top) was incorrect & this is because the position of his body
    was all f*cked up.

    Just sticking only your arse out & doing nothing else is not how its done. Not correctly anyway, & thats the reason the
    positioning of everything else (head, body, feet) is also all up sh*t creek.

    They are exactly what the vid title says they are: POSERS :LOL:

    Now if you could not see this as plain as day, you must also be cornering incorrectly as well. :roll:

    There are intructional clips on youtube & googlevideo (I think) for you to see how its correctly done. I would suggest
    you do a search, have a look & learn/see how its done correctly & then go back have another look at clip in OP. :wink:

    & I would hardly say they were pushing the envelope on any one given corner either. :grin:
  13. Maybe these guys were just learning. I'm sure not everyone is born a moto GP champ. :roll:
  14. 'Maybe' being the key word; & learning without the L plates & doing stand-up wheelies as well eh? :roll:

    Naah. Not likely. I'll stick with POSERS thank you very much. :p
  15. Yeah, but on this subject he's actually correct...shiver me timbers, guts me to say that ;)

    Hanging off, at slow speed does little. Hanging off the bike, if done correctly is trying to lower the Centre of Gravity, adjust the geometry of the bike and allow the bike to travel faster around a given corner for a reduced rate of lean.

    Correct body position to achieve this is quite hard. The main objective is to get the largest mass to the inside of the bike. This is the upper body and therefore the head and upper body need to move too. Another common error is having too much of the bum off the seat, causing excessive twisting of the upper body.

    Having said that, when done at moderate speed, by quick riders, it looks extremely cool!

    I've found that the naked bike requires much less movement, mainly due to the bar position. The Blade needed more movement, but this is mainly due to the arms to bars position and the extra leverage you get in a more prone position.
  16. It's ok cejay, I have had the pleasure of seeing MG ride and he's not half bad. He can certainly make his way over the spur at a brisk pace. :)
  17. :rofl: @ Dot... you're going the date joined and post count route to diss an NR poster... and you have 31 posts....??? take a chill pill!!

    oh oh oh!!! I have a mental image of MG... he looks like one of those long bearded american south red necks... am I right??? :LOL:

    Cejay - pity you're excellent post isn't somewhere where more riders will read it.
  18. Couldn't have been further off if you'd tried Rob. :rofl:
  19. I heard he was a farm boy. Poor. Poor and perfect, with eyes like the sea after a storm...

    Oh please someone know the movie that's from so I don't look like an idiot :p
  20. anyone got some good stuff / articles on how to lean properly ?