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Pos Alert!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BruiserMadden, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Well I brought my motorbike today. 'Twas an ebay, quite ironic actually. I meant to put in a bid for $500, i accidently put in one for $700. No matter, I guess it was meant to be!

    It is a good piece of shit, i like to think, it was either this for $660 or a Hyosung gt250r for $6000.......i'll take this any day!

    It's a 1983 Yamaha RZ250K. It's basically everything I wanted. 2 stroke, older model, not fragile late 80's and early 90's ones. Fantastic condition for a bike of it's 'vintage', and when I'm done with it she will go go go.

    Currently at my mates house (his dad is a bike mechanic so we are gonna work on it good over the hols, do the whole shebang).
    Also got me some good hand me down gear from friends and family.




    hope the collectors out there appreciate it :)
    Also very good size for me, seeing as i'm 6'5, and plent of room for passengers 2.
  2. Congrats mate, I lurve the expansion chamber, its massive :wink: :grin:
  3. Congratulations! That is one sweet piece of retro motoring!!
  4. nice one mate, i was looking at that bike myself. have fun
  5. heh like the exhaust?
    (not that i'm compensating for anything :eek:
    dual mothers!!

  6. Very nice, will look a charm after you get the project off the ground. noice work. Hows the state at the moment? does it run?
  7. yeah it runs, but i'm not starting it again after I heard it when i first started it. Sounded fine, just has been sitting away for a few years and needs a good clean. also got a big box of spare carbies and other other parts so that was good, along with workshop manual :grin: yesss
  8. It's still newer than mine, only by a year.
    I have a 1982 XT250 (trail bike) and my current project is a step up from 250 to 550, same bike, more power, slightly different styling. I have never had a bike made after 1982, hell, I haven't even SAT on a bike made after 1982 (besides a farm ATV which doesn't count). XT550 - wheelie machine, here I come.

    Oh, and congrats on the new...well... old bike.
  9. Nice old stroker, reminds me of my first bike, a 1974 RD-250, my pongs were even bigger than those, (but it DID have 350 pistons head and barrels!!).
  10. heh yes paul i have been thinking about digging up some 350 parts and having my way with her.....
  11. If you do, make sure you change the front and rear sprockets as well. When I did the 250 I went from 16 front/48 back to 15 front/40 back.
  12. AWESOME!

    Welcome to the club! :grin:

    I bought the SRX just over 12 moths ago and it has got me to work and back every day since then.

    Hope yours offers you similar reliability and minimal cost biking :grin:
  13. :LOL: :LOL:

    Reminds me of an ex-friend who was 6'4 riding a ZZR250