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Port's little (work)shop of horrors

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by port80, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Mods feel free to move this thread - not sure if it should be in general or diaries.

    The garage day actually started the night before with me getting the CBR all naughty and naked. Well mostly just naked.

    Bright and early Josh (lefty) rolled up on his CBF with a small garage and assorted supplies strapped to his back. How anyone can fit a 4l oil container, socket set, assorted other tools, cleaning materials and replacement parts in their backpack and still be able to ride amazes me.

    Seeing as the CBF was already warm we started with changing its oil. So up on the race stand it went, well after I negotiated the rear drum linkage. In no time Josh had the old oil out, we only had to try six different socket configurations to access the sump plug.

    In typical style there was more chatting than working. So it was almost 10am by the time we had the filter replaced. The new oil was measured (oh how scientifically) and poured in. The CBF came to life and kept running with out various engine components firing out the exhaust so we declared the operation a success.

    We began figuring out how to change the spark plug, but I could hear something in the distance. *thump* pause *thump* Steve's coming I commented to Josh. Sure enough a minute later we see Steve (Voyager) round the bend on the big twin (XV1600).

    The next little while we all stood around talking about bikes and stuff... meanwhile I hadn't even taken a spanner to the CBR since last night. Tall stories and laughs were exchanged for the next little while. We finally got around to checking the oil in the XV, it just had to be warmed up first. *thump* pause *thump* pause went the neighborhood.

    Dan (ronin11) rolled up on his SV650s soon there after. It was roughly this point in the day that the language warning raised a notch or so.

    So.. back to changing the plug in the CBF then. After much debate it was decided that the operation would be too difficult - that verdict was reached after finding out the tank really needed to come off. The CBF was taken off the race stand and rolled out of the garage.

    The chit chat and laughs continue... I'm sure we discussed some bike stuff in there somewhere. Steve even gave us some live music as he had a 'test drive' of my very old Ibanez Les Paul. Not long there after he had to run off and continue with his planned activities - a good couple of hours entertainment considering it was going to be a flying visit.

    After much more bullshitting and discussion it was decided that Dan's SV could not leave the garage in its current condition. It was said that it needed an emergency fender-ectomy. Like any good host I ran for the hacksaw and chalk. It was around then that Dr Who rolled up on his CBR1000 - the Who mobile. He came laden with meats and drinks, which was great because there was a distinct lack of thawed meats at my house (except for Dan's yummy chilli sausages). Dr Who took charge of starting the fire device and all things meaty.

    In the meanwhile there was much pointing and gesturing at the rear of the SV. Chalk lines were marked, re marked and then ignored. Dan took hold of the hacksaw and the fender was indeed eliminated. It was a first for me , never before have I taken to a motorbike with a power drill.

    The meat was served and the fender operation complete. It might have been only mid afternoon, but us manly men had done a hard days work already. So we all sat down with a meal and a well earned cold glass of lemonaide. From here conversation became all MA+ rated (LVSA).

    So onto the CBR, it only needed a new oil, filter, plugs and clean the chain and air filter. By 3pm I had successfully changed the oil (why it took so long I don't know - last time I had the whole bike done in half an hour). Whilst reading up on changing the plugs I noted that the plugs - even though new would still need their gaps checked & adjusted. Hrrrm, small problem I had nothing to measure them with. So both the CBR and CBF would have to do without fresh plugs today.

    Somehow we got onto the topic of suspension (I can't recall how). Again using highly technical measuring equipment we evaluated the pre load on the back of Dan's SV. We twisted stuff and turned some other stuff. we all nodded, it was deemed that the work was good, this was backup up by a quick run on the bike. Not wanting to be left out the CBR demanded that her settings be reset to stock values, all settings front and rear were twiddled with.

    There was only one way to make sure the bikes were safe, a quick blatt to Geeloooooong and back. At this point we said goodbye to Dr Who and the Who mobile. Josh had an alternate theory on how to get to Geelong, that didn't stop Dan and myself having a brisk ride. Much sign language was used between us, very little interpreted. This resulted in the Dan attempting a bit of one wheeled action at 100kmhr, really what I was trying to explain was that the front end was really soft and a hard roll on at highway speeds caused the front end to get very light.

    More food was eaten, more crap spoken about, more laughs had. Near 9pm we found the chain on the SV to be a little loose. This was a quick and easy fix, or so we thought. There was some discussion had about the markings on the swing arm, eventually we got it sorted. We then quickly inspected the chain on the CBF. We discovered it was a little loose as well (just a little). By the time we had this sorted it and the garage tidied it was close to 10pm.

    It was a great day full of laughs. Thanks to Lefty, Voyager, ronin11, Dr Who for coming.

    Pffrt silent number my arse.
  2. Fenderectomy 101 by ronin11

    Newd CBR by port
  3. thanks for hosting a great day. i had a blast. sorry i had to run so quickly, but i looked up and it was getting dark, and me with the sunnies to ride in.. by the time i got home i was about due for a seeing-eye dog strapped to the front of the bike.

    thank the better half for dinner too, and the scientist for the entertainment haha.

    as for the fenderectomy, im actually happy with the result. and the suspension!! DAYAM it makes a biiig difference.. between that and the chain, its like riding a different bike.

    my wheelie attempt wasnt really an attempt. i didnt go down enough gears, and i wasnt really contemplating doing it whilst there was cars around.. maybe on a long quiet road one day..

    thanks for a good day. a great way to finish 3 weeks holiday really.
  4. ah, Netrider, Connecting Riders, whether or not any work gets done :LOL:.
  5. G'day everyone,.......

    What a great day,......Talking,.....looking at bikes,.....more talking,.....
    Pointing at bikes,....more talking,......ajusting something,......
    More talking,......some pointing,......more talking,.......
    Haveing a break,.....then more talking,.....more pointing,....more talking,.....
    Another ajustment,....
    Well,...you get the idea.

    Dr Who?
  6. you missed the part about hacking up my bike with a hacksaw!!!!
  7. Hilarious writeup, I approve :grin:
  8. Thanks for hosting the day mate, was good. I know FA (there's nothing sweet about it) about bikes, but I do know a little something about guitars. Not a bad setup there mate, although your frets could use a polish. Hopefully I annoyed your neighbours suitably with the XV.
  9. Job well done, there were a few extra "For Sale" signs up around the neighborhood this morning :p
  10. Funny you mention for sale signs. One popped up next door to me late last week.