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port's bingle

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by port80, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. After about 40,000kms I finally had an accident today. I come to a stop pretty slowly from maybe 25k/hr at a pedestrian crossing after coming off of an odd shaped round about. It was a 60 zone, I wasn't sure where I was going, lots of traffic etc, so I was traveling rather slow.

    A Taxi rounded the corner from the round about didn't see me or the lights until too late. He locked up the brakes and hit me at 10-15km-hr. I think he was going maybe 40 as he didn't brake for long before coming to a rest.

    On impact I felt a shunt - enough to push the bike forwards under brakes. I got off the bike to find my lovely carbon Micron looking not so healthy.

    The Taxi pulled over (thankfully) and began arguing that he didn't hit me, so I made sure I got some shots of his vehicle incase he did a runner. I finally convinced him (by finding the offending scrape on his headlamp cover) that he did make contact.

    We did the detail exchange thing and departed.

    It turns out to fix up the pipe it will cost $1100, not bad for just a slip-on. He has insurance and I have full comp, but he says he wants to do cash.... we'll see if he's good for it.

    So anyways, that's my boring story of how not to waste a day.
  2. Glad your ok after that incident.

    Great to hear that the situation worked out justly!
  3. Geez Port - by the sounds of it you did good to come out relatively unscathed...

    Fingers crossed he'll pay up - either through cash or insurance... good on ya for getting pics though - upstairs for thinking and all that...

    Glad you're ok... :grin:
  4. He didn't know whether he'd hit you. What a load of rubbish. :evil:

    Hope bike fixes up okay. Glad you're alright!
  5. Geez mate, thats a bit of bad luck.... What a wanker taxi driver?!? I woulda been doing all i could not to smack him for even starting with that shyte.

    As said above, good on you for having the presence of mind to get the pics and details.

    Hope fixing the CBR goes smoothly for ya.
  6. Bugger port!!

    The taxi driver is probably well versed in traffic incident denial - but clearly was being a wanker taking that line!!

    Why'd he stop if he didn't hit you? :-k

    Great idea having the camera handy. I must get a cheap and nasty digicam for this kind of thing.

    Anyway, hope you're not hurt in anyway.

    Bugger about the prang.

    How was the back wheel? Swing arm? And other rear bike furniture??
  7. Thanks guys (and lass :wink: ) . It was a pretty gentle nudge, but he copped me straight on the can - so it's going to work out expensive to him. Once I showed him the evidence and he conceded, he didn't seem to be too bad a guy (except for his English).
  8. Glad to hear you're OK!

    Shame about the bike but it is good that it is an easy fix. Hope he is good for the cash!
  9. First time I actually used my camera phone apart from happy snaps of the kiddies.

    The wheel and rear of the bike seem fine, I got a couple of people to look at it. The way the Ford's are built the headlight protrudes almost as far as the bumper, his headlight hit my 'zorst. Everything else seems fine - I even checked the lights etc.
  10. Its a good idear to report it to your insurance company,not to lodge a claim but just incase he doesnt come good.My experiance with cash settlement is its all good until the bill then they start trying to screw you down :wink:
  11. Don't forget the police report as well .
  12. That's rotten luck, James, but it sounds like it could have been worse if you hadn't starting snapping away. A good lesson for everyone; if you can, bounce up and start taking photos!!!
  13. I rang the police when he started arguing that he didn't hit me. They seemed pretty dis-interested in the situation. They assured me though that if I've been hit from behind I'm sure to be in the right (nothing I didn't know).

    If he doesn't ring tonight - to settle the situation before insurance - as he said he would, I'll be calling WesternQBE tomorrow. My concern is that even a not-at-fault claim goes on the record, and I'm sure it still bumps up the premium. Can anybody comment on this? WesternQBE made sure to mention my one other claim (not-at-fault) when I went for insurance.
  14. +1, and sorry to hear about it mate. I don't think a taxi driver is going to cough up $1100 easily, he probably thinks it costs like $200 or something. Listen to him squeal when you tell him.
  15. Maybe he didn't realise he hit you coz he's used to more severe hits! At least he stopped. Good thing you were ready with the camera. Let us know how it goes.

    So you're not hurt at all?
  16. Yeah, I'm fine thanks. The bike stayed upright, I've had bigger hits going over rough road. So far he has failed to call me back to make pre insurance arrangements, so I guess westernQBE will be hearing from me tomorrow.
  17. Port id be letting the insurance company know anyway, so they at least have a record.
    Hope it goes well for you :wink:
  18. got an address? ill pick you up about 2ish.. well head round to visit and knock on his door.. sure he'd be impressed when we show up cause he didnt call.

    glad your alright man, and that its relatively minor damage.
  19. G'day everyone,......

    Glad he agreed to pay up!
    Sorry it happened in the first place.
    I'd say the fact that you took pictures is what changed his mind about co-opperating.
    He probably wants to pay cash to keep another accident off his record if reported to insurance.

    Good luck to you mate,...
    Don't let him give you the old 'Discount for cash!' routine.

    Dr Who?
  20. James,
    Bad luck about the incident. Glad to hear that you're ok though. I hope he does the right thing by you.