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Portal: a rather cool game

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. #1 Ktulu, Oct 16, 2007
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    I think I posted a trailer vid here a long time ago for an upcoming game called Portal.

    Here's the trailer vid again.


    It may interest some to know, particularly those who lack the hardware required for the large game, that someone has made a little flash version based on the same concept


    I'm currently on level 15, and it's got me buggered for the moment :p I think I lack timing skills.
  2. I cant get past lev 6 :?
  3. A bit gimmicky, but the game looks awesome, Ima go get it..
  4. k... now i'm really stuck on lev 9... :shock:
  5. For level 9, just near the door put one in the ceiling above you first, then the floor below you at the start.

    You'll start falling in an infinite loop.

    Then, in mid air, fire one into the groud closer to what you have to get over & you'll shoot up out of that new portal with the acceleration from your loop - enough tog et over it.

    I just got almost to the end of level 32 and guessed where to put a portal wrong :( gonna take a break now, that one took me a little while to do :p
  6. I got the Valve one a few of days ago and knocked it over in a couple of hours. It's a great concept and professionally made, it just needs more levels and some new ideas. It's even got a quirky little story that goes along as you play.

    I haven't looked into it, but if level design is open source it could be great. As is, the flash version is probably more challenging.
  7. I'm up to level 36 and it just looks too complicated for my tiny brain, right now.
  8. I feel stupid, I'm stuck on lvl 5 :oops:
  9. I at least got past that, but now I'm stuck on 6 :cry:
  10. Looks impressive.
  11. Got it as part of the Orange Box, will check it out after I finish HL2: Episode 1/2.
  12. Level 5:
    Once you're on the first step [after a simple, portal from wall in front of you to roof above 1st step], put a portal on the wall up the left, and then one on the ground underneath you as far to the right as you can get on that step.
    You'll drop through the portal slowly because it's just below you, but after you come out the top one, you'll drop down into the 1st portal again, from a greater height and with higher speed as a result. When you come out the top portal the 2nd time, you'll be faster and shoot straight onto the top ledge.

    Level 6:
    Get on top of the platform in the middle. Place 2 portals on the red dots, and jump off the platform into the clostest portal. Hold right to get onto the exit-platform.
    Remember, [W] key jumps.
  13. Ooh, i gotta get HL2: EP2... Orange box includes HL2 and EP1 though, have they released the black box, with only EP2 and Portal yet though?
  14. They're not going to.
  15. I'm up to level 32.

    Boss hasn't caught me yet :)
  16. I can't get past 30...

    'Use the box as a shield' he says...

    Would help if the laser didn't go OVER the box *cries*
  17. Hmm... lev 34... how to get that cube :?
  18. The valve version looks very cool, and while i like the concept, unless it is moddable i don't see it as all that replayable. Pity about it being short like devotard said.

    The flash version was a fun and cool little time waster, it even made you stop and think every now and then. The ending was a little anticlimatic though :p
  19. Don't worry - the modding tools will be out soon (AFAIK they aren't right this moment) but there are already new maps for it because some folks have figured out how to mod the HL2 mapping program to create Portal maps.

    Make sure you have a crack at the advanced maps too! And if you've finished -everything- well I'm sure the community will be churning out original content before long.

    I'm digging TF2 as well.
  20. i got to level 34 and the puter had a wobbly :(

    oh well i'll have to start again :)