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Portable BBQ?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Ok, this photo was published months ago and should probably go in the jokes or better still dumb$ss area but I put it here as it was in court today.
    Is a months suspension right??

    Carrying a BBQ with ur bike!
  2. It's a shame that the BBQ didn't work!

  3. A months suspension is ridiculous.

    Probably better than most cars/trucks with unsecure loads!
  4. He needs to be congratulated for his superior skills..

    Seriously tho, as bradc mentioned.. I've seen plenty worse from trade utes with paint tins falling off the back, sheets of gyprock flying off on the freeway, lengths of copper over hanging the tray at eye height with no flag.

    Its a bit of a beat up.. and the photographer.. Was probably using mobile phone camera while driving to take the picture? Pot calling the kettle black perhaps?
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  6. About a year ago I had to move house and, not having a car, it was all done by bike.

    Passed some cops with all the shit stacked on the bike, I had a backpack strapped on top of my helmet too, and they pissed themselves laughing.

    This was in Sydney though.

    You Victorians are weirdly obsessed with safety.
  7. He wasn't exceeding the speed limit by 5 ks so it must have been safe Rob :) Everyone knows Speed Kills BBQs just grill. ;)
  8. definitely not fair to give him a suspension and a fine.
    The only person he would have hurt is himself on the motorway.
    On normal roads, i cant imagine getting hit by a man inside a bbq would be worse than getting hit by a car...
    stupid cotton wool society. Just look at the shit that people in asian countries carry on their bikes/richshaws/trucks etc.
  9. Seriosuly, think about that statement for just a second. He stacks it, I am driving behind him and its me the kills him by running over him. Not my fault, but it is sure going to fuk with my mind for a long time. Go one step further, you are following him, you swerve to miss him and run me off the road and I end up dead. This shit happens lots.
  10. A dog runs out in front of you: you die.

    The brakes fail on a poorly maintained truck: you die.

    You slip over in the bathroom: you die.

    You are genetically pre-dispositioned to suffer from heart-disease: you die.

    Most of our traffic legislation is justified by "What if some shit happens... even though it didn't... but what if?".
  11. Looks like the penalty a car driver would get for killing someone.
  12. If he stacks it ahead of you and you hit him, yes, it's your fault. Maintain a safe following distance.
  13. ****ing spot on.

    Give that man a gold star.
  14. There is a difference between outright stupidy and circumstances beyond your control.

  15. and a elephant stamp.....ffs, wasn't there a movie about arresting people before the event, seems we aren't far away from it
  16. "Minority Report" with Tom Cruise. Not a bad flick actually.
  17. Two comments on the story that caught my eye
    Somehow this guy decides that wearing protective gear makes other road users safer?

    I think bilbo got it spot on, you'd get a lesser sentence for mugging someone
  18. Does anyone know what he was actually charged with? Careless driving? I can see why some would think its careless IF he had a collision but I see a lot worse on the roads where people are driving and putting on make up, or reading a paper whilst eating toast. I know alot of coppers who won't bother pulling those people over and taking them to court as the Magistrates just throw it out. I guess the Court system thinks its one set of rules for some and another for others.
  19. ..."Wiles has since been approached by Barbeques Galore and asked to appear in an advertisement for the retailer....."

    Ha,ha!... :wink:
  20. Apparently the magistrate reduced the charge from dangerous driving to careless driving. Pffffffffffffffffffffft!!

    He slowed down FFS! According to the propaganda, he was the safest on the freeway!! lol