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Portable Air Conditioners

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mik84, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Ok im calling for a little advice :D

    For various reasons(mostly money related) im considering moving back and living on barracks... my biggest concern with this is weather like today whilst bein stuck in a little room that resembles an oven...

    Ive seen those little portable air con units at stores etc and i was wondering if anyone had much experience with them? Just mainly curious if theyll effectively cool down a small room on a really hot day?

    Considering theyre upwards of a thousand dollars i dont wanna go buyin one if they dont really work very well. Obviously an installed unit isnt an option so thats the only think i can really think of. I hate those evaporative type fan things so thats not an option either, they make it worse i reckon...

    Oh and power consumption is a non issue as id be payin a flat rate for elec...

    So yeah any advice would be appreciated :D
  2. Hi Mik, these are actually very good, I have an old one in my shed and it still kicks ass. They do have an exhaust hose that needs to poke out a window as it blows hot air. I cut a strip of cardboard box that fits in the gap when the window is opened slightly, and cut a hole in the cardboard for the hose to stick through.
  3. I have a DeLonghi one in my office in the garage, Mik, and it's ace! The office is 4 metres by 3 metres, which is bigger than I remember the rooms in digs (at Bardia Barracks I had to step outside to change my mind) and in no time at all the temp is just perfect. Plus it has an oscilating vane in the front which spread the cold air around. (And it's a heater in winter)
    If you want to try it out, come down and have a look!!!
  4. haha. those rooms suck arse! oven? kiln more like. the transit barracks at randwick were alright. holsworthy sucked though.

    edit i know nothing about the portable air cons but i know youll need one out at holsworthy :oops:
  5. Thanks guys :)

    Which models exactly do you have?

    And thanks for the offer Paul, im tryin to get on a security course in January which is held in Dapto. So if i end up doin that and providing your around i might come past and say gday and take you up on it :)
  6. My Bardia barracks hot box was over summer '72 -73, and it was cooler in the kitchen with an oil-fired stove than in the room. I went down to Campbelltown and bought one of the first Mistral fans; the heat chopped out the main shaft bearing in 2 weeks!!
  7. Always welcome Mik, I ain't goin' nowhere.....

    OK Mine's not a DeLonghi, it's an Elecair KRC-Ky18, for what it's worth. I bought it off a mate, so I have no idea what it's really worth.
  8. Mine is a Panasonic, but it's at least five years old and probably discontinued.
  9. I have an Arlec that the missus has hogged and put into her studio/study. The room is just a standard 4x4 bedroom, but the unit does a good job considering that it cost us $300 on special in Kmart back in June. (best to buy A/Cs in winter...)

    I'll be getting another one, not sure what brand yet, for use in the bedroom and to move it to the lounge room which can be closed off from the rest of the house where we can watch TV in comfort.

    When we build our house, a couple of split systems will go into that and we may keep the portables as spares.
  10. We have a Delonghi Penguino and it worked a treat in a room 4.5 m x 4 m.
    It even coped with the full sun in the afternoons coming in through the window.
  11. the delonghi do have a great reputation.
    They do work a treat.
  12. have a look at www.dealsdirect.com.au i know they had a couple for not bad prices :D

    i've borrowed one off my uncle, malissa scored sympathy because she's preggers, works for me. doesn't make the room cold, but certainly makes it tolerable, and sitting in front of it for too long will get you a bit chilly.

    damn good idea for a rental situation, but if its an option, a split system can be had cheaper and will be much better...
  13. hey mate i'm chillin next to my dimplex portable DAC 12001 right now

    its alittle higher than my knees and has a pipe which expels the hot air out the window. its portable and rolls around on wheels.

    this baby does a decent job of making my 4x5 room comfy.....i've had it in a smaller room before and it can turn it into an icebox! chews up alotta electricity which is good for you since you got a flat rate. costs $600-$800 can't remember exactly.
  14. The Delonghi Penguino was lent to us when we were in Mitcham before we had a split system installed.

    It turned 2 rooms into an icebox, worked really well.
  15. Ok, thanks everyone for the help. Least i know they actually work now :)

    Ill have to go have a good look on the weekend but it seems the delonghi is looking like the go. Just a matter of which model... Prolly go for a bit of overkill just to make sure i think 8) ...