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Port Vila and Volcano !

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by VTRBob, May 1, 2012.

  1. Port Vila and Volcano Updated 8th May

    Ok so the Volcano pic's are still yet to come [ fly to Tanna on thurs ]
    In the meantime, after a quick self tuition with the new toy, here is some taken so far ..

    Sunset over Port Vila Harbour from our Resort, Casscade water falls.

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  2. Very nice shots and nice place to be...enjoy.
  3. Very nice. Did you happen to go to rendevous restraunt, across the road from melanesian?

    If I remember correctly, tonight (tues evening) is sri lankan buffet. Definitely worth while.
  4. They eat Sri Lankans??????8-[
  5. Not sure what animal it was but it was tender and beautiful.
  6. Well got back home late last night, and have a good net connection once again,

    So how was the trip? Fu**ing awsome !

    To stand and watch and feel the most primal of mother earths actions from a mear 150mtrs away was Humbling awe inspiring and I'll admit a little unnerving with the bigger eruptions, having Lava bombs at one stage landing just 50mtrs or so in front of us.

    We stood on the outer rim ... a mtr from where I had the tripod set up was a 40mtr shear drop to the inner plateau then about 100mtrs to the main crater and Lava pit just down out of site... until the sun set, then as it got darker the better you could see the red glow, and after about half an hr you could start to predict an eruption [ not the size though ] as the red glow would deepen and get more pronounced

    We went up twice and glad we did, the 1st night was a mixture of heavy rain and 60kph winds which kept the ash and steam in the crater making it very hard to see all but the bigger eruptions and for safety we could not go to the best viewing spot .... 2nd night ? Well the pics will tell that story =D>

    ( Did I mention the 2hr drive via 4wd to cover the 14kms to get to Yasur ? )

    Sorry about the water mark in the pics but I have to protect these.

    Now the Tech bit
    Way to close to use any lens other than the 18/55 and remote timer set to varying exposures [1/250 through to 6 secs] . Manual focus, as once it got dark there was no reference until an eruption. Aperture and WB needed constant adjusting as the light faded.
    Lots of complete failures but a few Money shots as well :angel:

    I can now see why the experts say that a volcano is one of the hardest but most rewarding things to photograph !

    In order .. the coast line [ Taken from just outside our Bungalow ] / Ash Flats / Lee side / Parking lot / Best off the 1st night then a few money shots from the 2nd night

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  7. Next ......

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  8. I know I'm bending the rules ](*,)

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  9. Now the money shots ..

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  10. Since I'm here , some earlier shots taken from our Resort back at Port Vila

    I've shrunk these a lot to cover the excess pics, but if a larger one is requested I'll put it up :)

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  11. which resort were you at in port villa? I loved the place, I'd be back there in a heartbeat.
  12. We stayed at Moorings resort, I know what you mean .. If we win OZ lotto tonight there is a resort for sale there for 2.2mill, they may have new owner operators, as soon as the transfer clears lol
  13. Wow, awesome pics! Looks like a fantastic trip.
  14. got some good pics there mate looks like a good trip :)
  15. Love the volcano pics mate great job!
  16. Thanks Smee, after looking at your photos on here many times, that comment means I must have got something right :angel:

    I have plenty more but dont want to flood the site, You would love it over there, especially Tanna Island where the Volcano is.
    They are only just getting electricity put on, so the night sky has 100% no background light. I would have loved to get some night sky pics but being winter a low haze drifted over at night or it rained.
  17. Beautiful shots
  18. We're looking at going back in July and doing Tana this time. Which resort did you stay in Tana?

    How did you get to Tana? Booking in the next few days.
  19. We would go back in a heartbeat too .

    We flew Virgin Syd/Bris > Bris / Port Vila and Stayed at Moorings Resort ( highly recommended.. good food and a short walk into town and the duty free shops etc.

    Stayed 3 days in Vila then Via Air Vanuatu to Tanna ( 35min flight )
    And stayed at Tanna Lodge Resort for 3 days .. only one of two resorts that have 24 hr power and the only with limited internet ( NO TV or Radio etc either )

    We paid for 2 nights and got the 3rd free plus lots of extras thrown in once there.
    So after dark if your not visiting the Volcano you either sit up at the bar or go back to your room and practice making babies lol
    I would suggest a book or if we thought of it a laptop with downloaded movies, for the down time.

    If you can, organize two trips up to Yasur just in case one night the elements are against you, 1st night for us was good even with the wind and rain but 2nd night was well worth the extra trip. 2nd trip is half price.

    Dont expect too much out of the roads, what we would call a 4wd adventure trip, is their main road across the island.

    If you book through a travel agent .. Dont prebook the port vila tranfers to the resort , we did @ $65 each way , a local taxi from the airport = 1000 vat which is $10.00 Aussie !

    It pays to have local currency on you both for Vila and Tanna ( which is all they will take ) But in Vila it works out way cheaper to use local than AU.

    Its a real buzz going to an ATM and witdrawing $45000.00 Vat = approx 450.00 AU

    If you want any more info just ask, and I'll try to help as much as possible.
  20. Flights from PV to tanna are about the same as sydney to PV. It's a joke. We were thinking about heading up to santo to see relatives, cost was just prohibitive for us.