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Port Melbourne - New Netrider 23y.o with NSR (first bike!!!)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Gozzy ID, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. Imagine my surprise when I rode my NSR home from work last night and in the basement carpark I find a dude with a rumbling Ducati :shock: He's got a van full of goodies and his Duke is shaking the foundations of the building so I had to find out more.
    It turns out he's one of the driving forces behind netrider and invited me out on last night's mystery ride starting in St Kilda. I went along and met a dozen other riders who were all out for a good time and to meet like-minded bikers. We went through a booze-bus unscathed and enjoyed some road-legal beverages at the end of the night. I had such a good time that I figured it only wise to jump onto netrider and register my name so that I don't miss an opportunity again.

    Thanks to "Marissa's Boyfriend..?" the Latte Monkey for inviting me - sorry I forgot your name man :? - I won't forget your Duke though. I'll see you all again for sure.

    I'm 23 and bought my first road-bike 4 months ago which is a 2002 Repsol Honda NSR 150-SP :grin: . It's just a pocket rocket but for fun on the road with L-plates its great. I'm still learning my limits as to speed/cornering and I'll be hitting Phillip Island for a track day soon to develop my skills some more. I haven't got any leather pants yet thought so if anyone has any ideas about where to find reasonable ones that are cheap please let me know.

    I'll be doing the mystery rides from time to time so I'll see you out then - otherwise down at the GP next month.

    Gozzy (brad)

  2. Sounds like you had a great introduction to netrider.... :grin:

    Straight out and onto a ride - good on ya :grin:
  3. Re: Port Melbourne - New Netrider 23y.o with NSR (first bike


    More like one of the crashing forces behind Netrider!!

    On a serious note, Bren aka Bangr aka the Stack Monkey aka the Latte Monkey is a top bloke. (Just watch your wallet around him..)

    Welcome aborad Brad.

  4. Re: Port Melbourne - New Netrider 23y.o with NSR (first bike

    Hmm... Or one of the stacking forces, anyway!

    It's Bren, and yes you've met one of the larger than life personalities out there, he's always got a new story.

    Welcome to the site.
  5. Thanks Mark

    Seems like a tight munch of people on here. I'm starting to wonder though - there is thousands of posts and replies... don't any of you people work? I'm going to have to block this website from time to time or I'm not going to get any work done at all!!!

    and yeah - BANGR is a top bloke. An errant corner-marker brought out the best in him (understandable) but he ran things really well. He (and everyone) made me feel really welcome even though I'm totally new and on a little bike. Great stuff - highly recommend anyone to come on the mystery rides they are tops.

  6. Hi Brad. Good to meet and ride with you last night :grin: even if we did take a slightly different route to the others :LOL: at least we got to ride Yarra bend in both directions. :grin:
  7. yeah seany - and I got to stand on "posers corner" on my first run through the pass!!

    great to ride with you mate - see you and your ER-5 another evening for sure.
  8. Hi Brad, welcome. As to ride day leathers, do a search in here, there is a thread somewhere that includes info on an outfit that sells 2nd hand leathers from about $150! Unfortunately I can't remember the name......anybody?
  9. Welcome,
    What a way to join netrider....... by meeting Brendan first up.
    He is usually saved for the initiation. :grin:
  10. Re: Port Melbourne - New Netrider 23y.o with NSR (first bike

    Don't take this the wrong way but it's not even worth going to Phillip Island on an NSR150. It's geared way too short, with a top speed of barely 150kh and has a horridly soft suspension. Accident waiting to happen.
    In all likelihood on one of the many straight sections, after sitting on the rev limiter for a while it would simply seize.

    You're better off hiring one of the Triumphs or going to a tighter track like Broadford. But then you've got the problems of a bumpy track and a crap suspension.

    In all honesty I'd just sell it and buy an RGV250!
  11. Thanks for the tip - but like I said I am only going down there to develop my skills - not to win the GP. I want to be able to ride both smaller bikes and larger bikes well so part of that is understanding how they handle under different conditions/speeds etc. Once I'm all over it I will be upgrading and getting something with bigger nuts... but I've gotta put some k's underneath me before then
  12. Welcome, look forward to meeting you at one of the coffee nights.

    RR :))
  13. For cheap leather pants, try the Pakistani brands like RJays and DriRider. Walden Miller produce leather pants (the 'Boy Racer' style has sliders) at a reasonable price, using Australian leather and manufacturing.
    But bear in mind your leathers will last for a very, very long time so they're worth the investment even if you pay top dollar.
  14. Thanks Brad for the build up , will do be able to sleep tonight with a head this size.

    I am glad you came along to the ride thur night and would love to see you on some more , you will have to come on some rides with us.

    Again welcome and thank you for the comments on the thur night ride , the night was such a great night for the first one , mainly from the great group and a well planned ride.

    Bring on summer and the late thur nights , fridays are going to be a biatch. LOL.
  15. Hi Gozzy ID welcome, rather new my self, look forward to meeting you and seeing your ride..
    On the leather side re the cheaper end there is a joint in the city of Elizabeth, i think maybe Ray Quincy not cetain, any hoo they have the Pakastan made one piece leather suit's for $300, if you need lether and the budget is tight might be an option.. cheers al
  16. :rofl: Don't worry Brad. OM's our resident grumble bum. He'd like put a positive spin on things, but unfortunately everything's not good enough. :wink: :LOL:
  17. welcome to the forum brad...
    hopefully will see u tonight at st kilda as well
  18. Welcome Brad, great to have you on board :grin:
    Hang around with Bren and the gang, you may well learn more from them in group rides than you'll learn thrashing the bike around PI. They'll certainly pass on some valuable ROAD skills, and that's where you'll be riding most.

    Ray Quincey sells second-hand leathers that have been used for track days; last time I looked they were only $150. They don't look all that flash, but as the saying goes, "better the cow's hide than your's"
  19. welcome and good to see you have already been educated.. :grin: