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Port Douglas to Cooktown

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by macbrowndog, May 15, 2013.

  1. Any idea what the roads like from Port Douglas to Cooktown? Is it dirt ?


  2. Almost any map will show you if a road is sealed or not.
  3. Oh and no its not dirt
  4. I was in that area in 2007, and my memory is that Cooktown was as far north as you could get on bitumen. There's two roads there, the inland one is sealed but the coastal one via Daintree National Park and Cape Tribulation is unsealed. The bitumen ends at Cape Tribulation, which is as far as we went. The Daintree region is beautiful BTW - hope you have time in your trip to spend a couple of days there at least.

    Even the sealed roads in that area can get a bit exciting. We got stranded in Cairns for a few days when the Bruce Highway was closed due to flooding. The RACQ and/or local council should have up-to-date information. These days probably even a web site for it.

    Also, as Mcsenna says, get some decent maps! :p
  5. I can now report that the road from Port Douglas to Cooktown is one of the best motorcycle roads in Australia... The road is in perfect conditions with long straights, plenty of twisty bits and fantastic scenery... One of the best roads of the trip.
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  6. Well done its a fantastic part of Oz up there isn't it?