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port douglas road trip

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by HONDA HAWK, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. My mate and I have just hatched the plan to take on melbourne to F N Q. Troy was keen for perth but me , not so keen. I suggested port douglas and that was it. Having not seen alot of the NSW and QLD coast line I thought what better way to do it than on the old VFR 750. Probably like many of you,charley and ewan have given us some inspiration. Troys from townsville so it was not too difficult to persuede him. He will be on a 97 gsx-r 600. Both older bikes but hopefully will do it easy.
    If anyone has any tips or suggestions, they are most welcome.
    As we are both family guys timing is important.We are not goin until sept or oct 09. plenty of time to plan or win the lotto to get a new steed for the journey.

  2. How long you planning to have off?

    Just back from Townsville, posted a few google map links in my write up, but didn't take too many scenic routes. The way via Charters Towers is shorter but supposedly even more B Doubles - you're on heavier more powerful bikes so shouldn't be too much of a drama overtaking and getting blown around by them.
  3. G'Day mate, I'm in Cairns at the moment and the BIG thing to remember, especially if your on a bike is that October marks the start of the wet season and in FNQ, wet means WET!

    Talking to a few riders up here and some of them go so far as to garage their bikes over the wet season, they say it's not so much that they don't like riding in the wet, it's more that they don't like the backpackers driving around in clapped out Wicked Camper Vans in the wet.

    Other than that the roads are mostly good, if not a little boring between Rocky and Townsville. On the good side, the prawns are bloody cheap, the eye candy is superb, (although I don't look cause I'm married) and it's June and we are still swimming.

    On the bad side, the beer is piss poor, and the drivers are worse.

    p.s. MUST SEE .. Cane Toad races, 7.30 pm everynight in the Iron Bar at Port Douglas,

    and I'm told if you pack a spare helmet you can normally find a willing overseas tourist eager to experience a little bit of OZ.. :cool:
  4. fnq

    thanx nobby. the cane toad races sound enthralling. we are aware of the impending wet season. perhaps tackle that as we see it. and as far as the overseas tourist thing goes, MY WIFE WON'T LET ME!!!!!!!!!
    We think the round trip will take a good 3 weeks at least.most likely come home down the middle. the idea is mainly to see the coastal route. very excited as we both have not taken on such a long blat with that amount of time in the saddle. all info is helpful. thanx