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Porsche GT3 + 2 sportsbikes = nutters

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Feb 12, 2009.

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  2. Link's broked :cry:
  3. Looked like a Californian freeway to me.

    Cut and paste the link into a fresh browser window to view.
  4. Ta Flux.

    Good vid, seems like the car was able to hold a pretty constant speed through the corners, but the bikes were slow in, fast out... :?: (not slow, but slower I guess...)
  5. Bike riders didn't really look to be pushing that hard through the corners, especially the left-handers. Can't say I blame them though. Can't see through the corners with the central barricade there, and coming up onto the rear of a car mid-corner at +100kph would get real dicey real quick. That, and it takes real balls to drag the knee at >200kph.

    Would've liked to seen them go at it on the track with no traffic around. Never really been a fan of highway blasting myself with those high closing speeds in dense traffic whose drivers are clearly not trained to deal with that.
  6. Was almost a short vid at 0:55!!
  7. The bikes were playing with the car slowing down for him to catch up so they could blow him to the weeds again.

    I think the drivers determination caught them by surprise when he almost lost it but they never let him get that close again.

    Ha.....cars :p
  8. But oh so easy at the track :grin:
  9. What a fvcknut. Gives them the thumbs up at the end and does the hero's flyby after nearly wiping them out. Hope he sticks that teutonic ricecooker in a ditch.