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Porsche dealer"I got it wrong with the buy one get one

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pringa8, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. Porsche dealer"I got it wrong with the buy one get one


    Porsche dealer - "I got it wrong with the buy one get one free card".
    Written by Jenny Shu
    Friday, 23 February 2007
    Glen Fergusson - Sales and Marketing manager for a brand new Californian Porsche dealer. Has lost his job and faces possible legal proceedings as the company strives to reclaim the costs of the 18 Porsches given away free under Glen's Opening day "buy one get one free promotion" "I admit I didn't really do the numbers properly on this one" said Glen who told reporters that he had "seen the concept work really well for coffee stores" and in terms of numbers you could argue that Glen's campaign worked. As the new Porsche dealer sold 18 Porsches in the first hour of the store opening.

    It took the head office a full hour to realise what was going on and subsequently shut the store.

    Local man Bruce Stepper took out a second mortgage on his home after getting a promotional flyer in his mailbox. "I am ecstatic - I brought a shiny red Porsche today, got another one free and I have sold just sold it on EBay, all up I end up getting a Porsche 911 for $5000"

    Jane Cameron was arguably even more entrepreneurial. The local Janitor purchased a Porsche using the dealers "no deposit finance plan for low income earners", sold both cars, paid off the finance account and walked away with $120,000 profit. The finance plan was another one of Glen's initiatives that has now been cancelled.

    A red faced Glen stated "I have never really been too good at Math and I was sure the whole time we were making money - I was initially blown away by the amount of cars we were selling in that first hour. I had seen the "buy one get one free card" work extremely well for the new coffee shop down the road and thought what a great idea I will try it here."

    National spokesman for the dealership chain was quoted as saying "We are just glad that the idiot didn’t have time to run with his 'test drive 5 cars, get one free loyalty stamp card' campaign.
  2. Almost as good as this tool head putting a $1.5M Enzo Ferrari into a wall : CLICKY
  3. Nar, the porsche thing far outstrips the enzo.

    Insurance would cover the enso, this guy went and screwed up even more royally than the comedian did.

    He obviously didn't realise that the margin on a coffee is much higher % than on a porsche.

    Comedian = woops... good thing its not mine.
    Porsche dealer = oh fcuk oh fcuk noooOOOOO!
  4. I smell an urban myth...

    Has this tale been verified?
  5. Even if the cost of a Porsche is less than half of the retail value, this would still be total market prostitution rather than simple publicity.

    That guy = sooooo fired & never working in the auto industry again :p
  6. Damn I want a new porsche!! What a moron, I don't see business wise, how he could have pulled this off. Surely he couldn't just be ordering porsches from the factory without depositsa and things. I don't see how this is possible.

    There's no way you could just "Give away" a porsche. Surely the books wouldn't allow it. And it's not like they would just give the customer the keys and let them take the car.

    I don't buy this one.
  7. if this is true it is totaly hilarious. but comming from the industry, though not in america, to put together any sort of promotion usually reqires a lot of approvals before the actual event so it looks a bit sus.
  8. I have to admit, the article looks unsupported (I didn't even follow the link earlier)

    needs to be backed up by at least a couple of independant articles that aren't simply copies of the first ie. ones that have extra details rather than rewording the initial article.

    surely someone would have posted a copy of the so-called promotional flyer if it was an actual occurance.
  9. Does sound a bit far fetched, but entertaining story nonetheless!
  10. Have a good look at the website. I think this site is along the lines of www.theonion.com - satire satire satire
  11. Nope, not varifiable.
    While widely talked about and reported on various dubious news groups all the info i could find points back to the one article from New Zuland.

    Latest urban myth me thinks
  12. Shenanigans! But shenanigans of the good variety!
  13. No it wont, just like ride days your insurance wont cover driving/riding on race tracks unless it's part of a structured (for on road) rider/driver training session as opposed to ride days, race training or just plain hooning.
  14. Very funny!

    It's depressing that people think it's true. It's far too well-written to be a serious news article :grin:
  15. that would be awesome!!!
    120k profit...
    hahah you can only dream... seems that the janitor guy got a better deal than MG's $200 bike :D