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POR-15 Tank Repair Kit

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Samboss260, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Has anybody used this kit from POR-15?

    I've taken the tank from the Katana 650 off, and it is a bit grungy inside. I thought that this kit will help clean up the grunge and rust build up, as well as sealing the tank.

    And do I do this before I send the tank off to get painted, or after?

  2. Have done a tank clean and re-seal and used this sealant


    The whole amount did the inside of a GSXR tank well.

    Prep was essentially remove everything from the tank (so pump, cap etc), I made up some MDF templates to cover the holes left, then grabbed a handful of 25mm chipboard screws and about 1-2L of shellite (wax and grease remover), sealed everything up, and shook the shit out of the tank (like 5-10mins of shaking). Repeat this 1/2 a dozen times until the liquid you get out of the tank is no longer rusty, and is all clear. The shellite dries very quickly without leaving residue (so perfect for a sealer). I then mixed the epoxy up and poured it into the tank. rotated it around for a few minutes to get the inside sealed, and then kept moving the way the tank was sitting so it didnt all clump up in one spot (and had an even coating). A few hours later (4-6 IIRC) I took the mdf caps off, and trimmed up the holes with a sharp blade to make sure everything would bolt back in. A day later, checked it out and it was harder than a rock! Sealed the tank perfectly, and no more gunk. Took the opportunity to strip the fuel pump and give it a thorough clean/de gunk, and run throttle body cleaner through it till it was clean also.