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Popular myths busted

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by es, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. myths

  2. Nice find there, it's amazing what you will believe without knowing the facts.

    This one cracked me up, i would have love to have seen the scientific tests done to determine whether it was true or not. :LOL:

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  4. Now that is just sick and disgusting, however, i'd like to know how the poor bugger ate and drank.
  5. There are two living creatures who can continue to live for a indeterminate period of time after having their head removed: chickens and elected officials. In this way, it can be proven that chickens are politicians. A corollary to this is that politicians are turkeys, which therefore means that turkeys are chickens.

  6. the chicken i believe was fed through an eye dropper.

    I think it was a circus act too but not sure.
  7. Yup, have heard the same. Actually, I think I read it somewhere.
  8. True story, read in one of Dr Karl's books.

    Might have been in the title: "headless chooks..."

    Dr Karl's books are that good that all the ones I've bought have been stolen by mates!!
  9. Introducing Mike the amazing headless chicken :eek: :eek: