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Popular/Common ride meet points

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. Looking for the common/popular ride meet points for each state, especially those outside Melbourne of which I am unfamiliar. List the one's you know here please :)

    The Melbourne one's, that I know, are...
    Todd Rd servo, Westgate Fwy, Port Melbourne
    Nunawading McDonalds, Maroondah Hwy, Nunawading
    Cranbourne McDonalds, Camms Rd, Cranbourne
  2. NSW

    Sutherland Sports Grounds on the old Mad Mile

    Narellan McDonalds
  3. Foxy's house before going up to Bright or up north :LOL: You're gonna have to pm him for his addy though :p :p

    The Mobil? Ampol? servo in Yea.
  4. East:
    Stamford Hotel, 81H3, Stud cnr. Wellington rd.
    Mobil? Servo opposite the Stamford Hotel, 81J3, Stud cnr. Wellington Rd.
    Post Office, The Basin, 65G7 roundabout, bottom of Mountain Hwy
    Maccas, Lilydale, Maroondah Hwy, 38G5
    Warrandyte Bus-Shelter, 23F11, at the roundabout by the Yarra
    Yarra Junction, 288E8, Warby Hwy near Powelltoen Turnoff/ lights
    Top Carpark of Mountain Hwy, Sassafras, 66F9
    7/11 at Jeffreys Honda, Burwood Hwy, Fern Tree Gully, 74B4
    Cafe in Main Rd, Monbulk, 124H1
  5. Picton in NSW. George the IV hotel.

    Make their own beer. Its variable from above average to average depending on how the brewer feels about lagering. Foods pretty good, but last time I was there I was amazed by the amount of people that were smoking in the food area.
  6. Melton, McDonalds
    Silver Creek, McDonalds
    Shell, Westgate Bridge (Outward bound)
  7. isn't the shell at the westgate, the todd road exit?? :?
  8. Maccas on the corner of Mountain Hwy and Boronia Road.

    :D :D
  9. nope
    Shell is both sides of the freeway and
    Shell inbound =exit to Todd rd
    Shell outbound also = exit to Todd rd
    yes, you can get to Todd Rd from both servos
    it is usual just to quote
    Shell inbound or outbound


  10. ah thought so, just wonder if it was refering to the same one mouth had posted up to start with...

    cheers stewy
  11. Greensborough KFC?
  12. RIPE top of Mtn HighWay, Sassafrass

    FAst Fuel top of York Rd, Mt Evelyn
  13. Diamond Creek McDonalds on the Cnr Main & Station st Diamond Creek
  14. Matts favourite place :p Many rides start here...
    Peter Stevens Dandenong :LOL:
  15. sth syd - stanwell tops always bikes there on sunday morning
  16. Is it just me or are you a member of every forum there is?

    In any case.... I am just quoting the ones I know...

    oh.. and it was diamond creek... not silver creek