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Pops out of gear.. usually second

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Paulie, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. hey all

    Just a quick problem (of many ive had), but I find that my bike (Kwaka Gpx250) occasionally pops out of gear, as in, sometimes it just pops from second into neutral or third gear to second gear... its quick embarassing when it does it... does this sound like an expensive problem? or maybe I'm not pushing the gears up hard enough? Cause it happens only (mostly) when I am shifting gears

    Thanks all!


  2. At a guess your probably not engaging gears properly. As a suggestion, try adjusting your gear selector down a little so you have less travel in order to change up gears
  3. Kick it hard Paulie.

    Kwaka boxes are renowned for popping out of gear.

    Although the SP1 did it a bit when I was being soft with its box :)
  4. Thanks foxy... now just gotta find the instructions on how to do that:]

    It seeems to be doin it a little more oftne lately
  5. does this happen when during (or just after) a shift, or when you're just riding along?

    If it's the former, adjust gear lever and stop being so girly. otherwise, get a better bike :p
  6. pretty soon within seconds usually of changing gears!

    better bike? but shes so cute
  7. Change gears with a bit more force then,it sounds as if you're not putting it in gear properly.

    And GPXs are anything but cute! :shock: :LOL: :LOL: Get a Suzuki,they have way better gearboxes than Kawasakis!! :wink: :D 8)
  8. What vic said
    The kwaka gearbox needs a good kick in order to change up from a "lazy" gearshift.
    There is nothing wrong woth the bike at all.
  9. Hey Paulie,
    When was the last service on the beast?
    Old oil does not help the gearbox.
  10. A good kick gets the gear dogs grabbing and holding on.

    ...ex gpx250 owner...
  11. GPX's (come to think of it Kwaka gearboxes in general) are notorious for this. As people have suggested, adjust the gear shift lever to be closer to you foot when riding and be firm with your gearshifts. When I had a GPX I found the adjustment to help a great deal.

  12. Paulie,

    On my second ZZR250, and my son recently sold his, it's a Kwaka "thing" makes you stand out in a crowd, specially when you fang off at the lights only to have your bike screaming it's t1ts off in "phantom" second before you reach the other side.
  13. Hey thankseveryone... now I feel like a pussy for not kicking it hard enough! I just didnt wanna accidentally skip gears when kicking it thats all...

    I changed the oil like 2 days ago
  14. i dont think u can skip gears can u.. ?
  15. Nup impossible to skip up to many gears you need to totally let the leaver down before you can get it to pick up the next gear.

    As for the adjustment i have done it to mine, all you need to do is remove the screw holding the attachment from the selector leaver to the gear box then twist the attachemtn around one tooth and test sit on the bike and adjust.

    Just remeber to put the screw back in before you test ride it.
  16. didn't think you could either...

    I too used to suffer from phantom 2nd gear, until I too started to kick the sh*t out of the gear lever :D

    Sometimes the boots/shoes you're wearing can make a difference, if the top's soft it's harder to really flick the lever up because it gets cushioned from your foot.
  17. i suffer from phantom neutral :(

    i need to start kicking my kwaka too.. sometimes it gets stuck in second and i look like a wank for screaming my bike :>
  18. Yeah, Kawasaki, best value for money bike,

    Gears, 1 down, 5 up, 43 neutrals. :)
  19. hahahah I know what you mean. You have to be gentle with it. Just let the clutch go a little into the friction point until you hear a 'click', then pull it back again and try changing gears. Although I know what you mean. Back when I didn't know this trick in peak hour traffic, light goes green:

    *stomp* *stomp*
    *click*... Bike jerks forward, stalls.
  20. Rofl!!Too true vic!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: