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Popping in to see manny (tonight) Thursday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User6, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. I am popping in to see manny tonight at Royal talbot around 8 pm to 9pm

    so anyone who would like to see him and come in
    There will be two meeting points

    meeting point number 1

    Cnr of Bell st and Albert st
    melways 31 A2
    In the carpark out the front
    at 7:30 pm leaving 7:40 PM

    meeting point number 2

    I will be out the front of the Guide Dogs home which is on the Chandler freeway overpass at 7:45pm hrs and heading up by shortly after that 7:50pm
    Melways 45 B1

    I will be leaving there around 9 pm and then heading to work back in bridge road in the city
    either by the yarra Bvld or through Kew to bridge road or even the eastern to hoddle st , depending on who needs to get back to the city approx to head home.

    mobile number 0425873437

    i will check the thread before i leave so if you want to come in post here or ring as i will ride past and if no one is there i will leave and which meeting point point you will be at.
    dont be late as i will not be hanging around waiting for straglers .

    so if you want to come in a see amnny , feel free
  2. Sorry can't make it as i live about 2hrs away.

    Can you tell him that a netrider stranger named vOOdsy said hi and hopes that he recovers quick. :)
  3. I'll see if can meet you at the Chandler Hwy overpass.
  4. Can we organise one for Tuesday next week.

    I finish work at 11am :) so anytime after that would be fantastic.

  5. I got next week off so that sounds good to me :D

  6. Goodo, thats 2 of us, any one else?
  7. I want to go see Manny when I'm down for the Dinner if someone can navigate me to somewhere near where it is; it's 20 years since I lived in Melbourne, and then it was actually Yarra Junction!
  8. It's right here http://www.street-directory.com.au/sd_new/mapsearch.cgi

    I live not far so if you want my phone no, I can PM it to you and you can call if you get lost.

    Best way from Melbourne CBD is to head out the eastern Fwy and turn off at the Chandler Hwy. Go left from the off ramp and then take the first left. Royal Talbot has a couple of entrances and it doesn't really matter which one you use. If you miss the first gate, keep going around the bend and use the gate that says Roytal Industries (or something like that) and ride up past the sheltered workshop to find the hospital. :)

    Edit: sorry I thought that link would take you to a useful link rather than the homepage. :oops: Click on Melb and then search Yarra Bvd Kew. Zoom out and you'll see Royal Talbot easy. :D
  9. go to whereis.com.au give it your current location, tell it your destination and hit "GO" it tells you street by street how to get there.
  10. put me down as a maybe
  11. The earlier the better for me. Anyone else coming along to this?
  12. Well I guess this isnt going ahead then :( :?: