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Popped My Cherry

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by dane75, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. I finally got myself a bike today and took it for my first ride this afternoon.

    I ended up getting a Kawasaki ZXR250C 1993 Model with 29700 on the clock for $3300 from a guy only 20 minutes away from Echuca.

    Still getting used to the bike, the bloody kickstand engine cutout got me twice before I realised after sticking fuel in.

    Have only done 30km's in it so far, took it out on a quiet road out the back of town with a mate and had a little spin. Looking forward to taking her out again tomorrow..... after a sleep in and breaky in bed for fathers day of course :wink:
  2. congrats on the new bike :)

    Ride safe
  3. Congrats !!!
  4. Nice one. A bike for fathers day - now we're talking!

    My wife cooked me breakie in bed then went back to sleep leaving me to clean the kitchen - wtf?

    Anyway, enjoy.
  5. Thanks everyone

    Heres a picture of my new baby

  6. Congratulations - what a gorgeous ride :grin:
  7. Nice ride.

    Enjoy the newness as it changes goes away all to quick.
  8. Congrats and in the right colour too.
    Nice and close to home so well done.
  9. Looks sweet.

  10. Looks great - nice pick. Sounds like you made a good choice :grin:
  11. very nice man

    i got the exact same, except 1994 model.

    goes hard for a 250, and screams it nut off!!!

    enjoy :twisted:
  12. let me guess

    you got this off ebay?! :)
  13. Yeah it was advertised on ebay, went round and had a look with the cash in my pocket and managed to get him to sell it there and then. Might have got it cheaper through bidding.... but then again it might have gone higher also

    It's in my mates garage at the moment with the back wheel removed as I have to get a new tyre for the RWC. Took the front side fairings off I was glad to see there were no nasty surprises under there. Can't ride it for a day now while I wait to get the new tyre :(