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Pope Benedik on crack cocaine?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Justus, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. Pope Benedict XVI, who arrived on Tuesday in Cameroon for his first trip
    to Africa as pontiff, denounced condom use on the AIDS-ravaged continent,
    saying there were better ways to combat the disease.

    AIDS "is a tragedy that cannot be overcome by money alone, that cannot
    be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which even aggravates
    the problems
    , the 81-year-old pontiff told reporters on the flight from Rome.

    The solution lies in a "spiritual and human awakening" and "friendship for
    those who suffer"
    , said Benedict, who will also visit Angola during the
    week-long trip.

    Does anyone know how the rubber sheath adds to the AIDS epidemic? [​IMG]
    How will spiritual awakening etc get rid of the shit? [​IMG]

    If the old man was in touch with reality &/or serious in halting the spread
    of disease, would he not focus on promoting wider access to condoms
    and information? Instead, his continued opposition to condoms conveys
    that the view that religious dogma is more important to him than the lives
    of them Africans.

    SMH link

    Photo: Pope Benedik on crack cocaine?
  2. Pity his dad didn't wear a Franger more often.
  3. must of pulled a page out of tom cruises bible
  4. obviously its not the condoms helping with the aids problem. cant you see friendship and the rest of it is the way to go?
  5. Language barrier possibly?

    I'm not catholic, and I dislike religion as a whole. I know Catholics are anti condom, by default, and have factored that into my thinking.

    Is it possible that it is a few quotes out of context?

    Should it read more like

    AIDS "is a tragedy that cannot be overcome by money alone, that cannot
    be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which even aggravates
    the problems, when people see that distribution as permission to shag as much as they can, instead of education about the consequences of their actions", the 81-year-old pontiff told reporters on the flight from Rome.

    The solution lies in a "spiritual and human awakening translate education?" and "friendship for
    those who suffer, in the form of visits to the dying as part of said education?", said Benedict, who will also visit Angola during the
    week-long trip.

    Just my thoughts. Remember the media commonly likes to make it look like more than it is. I reckon he is saying giving them money and letting them fcuk their brains out is not the solution. I'd tend to agree yeah?

  6. no. the fact repeatedly show that condom distribution dramatically reduces the rate of transmission. despite the plentiful evidence teh catholic church (as well as fundies from the usa) have lobbies tirelessly to have condom distribution funding removed.

    Likewise, condoms aren't distributed freely with shouts of 'free love now", there are directed campaigns which promote abstinence first, faithfulness second and condoms third. when pursued aggressively these have worked well (see uganda)

    and if you think about it, you're suggesting that they shouldnt' be given the opportunity to ahve sex ever. marriage is not a barrier to aids, how can people be sure their partners don't have the disease?
  7. meanwhile: Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilaly voices his support for the pontiff:


  8. not only are they anti condom, they promote circumcision. a religion stuck in ancient practices promoting savage, primitive traditions on cultures that already have too much barbaric practices. great combination.
  9. It seems sad that what he says and does is even reported in the news.
    He and his organisation play no role of our society anymore.
    Lets hope the africans listen to common sense not archaic religious doctrine.
  10. Circumcision is thought to lower the transmission of HIV.
  11. Gsxxer, correct me if i am wrong but were you referring to female circumcision (a nasty thing indeed)?

  12. What a lot of crap! Show where the Catholic Church has actively promoted circumcision!

    While you can say a lot of negatives about the Catholic Church, the only major religions that mandate circumcision are Judaism and Islam. And the ones that promote the barbaric practice of female circumcision are (usually) some primitive variants of Islam. (Not I hasten to add - mainstream Islam).
  13. i know this will open a can of worms, and im dreading the morons that will want to give me every lame excuse under the sun.

    but i will say this. its about time we consigned the practice to the history books. both done to males and females, as i see theres a great moral hypocrisy between the genders.

    and cejay, trust me, ive already read the excuses. i do know that if a pro circumcision group releases a study, im willing to bet it will support circumcision.

    interesting i read reports on a study by Stalling and Karungendo that supported the idea that hacking into the genitals of girls.....wait for it..... reduced the chances of contracting HIV. who would have thunk it? im smelling the bullshit from this side of the planet.

    but you know, when people want to practice these disgusting things they will look for excuses. i dont put that much stock in many studies, given the hugely flawed methodology often seen

    but back on topic, lets just imagine for a minute we never practiced genital cutting in the past. to combat the problems of STDs in africa, 1 doctor proposes the distribution of condoms, another proposes cutting the genitals of children on a mass scale. do you everyone would say "oh yes lets go with that plan!" or would that doctor be laughed out of the medical profession?

    ok bring on the flames.

    if anyone wants to rage on about how how terrible it is when done to a girl, and how lovely and safe it is when done to a boy you need to pull your head out. nor do i want to hear the argument that somehow opposing cutting males is supporting cutting females. my stance should be pretty damn clear that i strongly oppose the practice completely, but i just know someone will open their mouth without thinking.
  14. Pfft... Benedict. He chose that name.

    He'll always be 'Josef Ratzinger - Nazi Pope' to me!

  15. the 'flawed methodology' argument is the mantra of the new age, its great, because you don't need ot provide any proof of the flaws in the methodology.

    significant problems often have imperfect solutions. interestingly you provide no solution, instead you suggest that 'cutting' is some researchers wet dream and we should stop. potentially consigning millions more to AIDs for the sake of your moral outrage.

    in your example, you skillfully ignore the actual details of the two plans: condoms, which cost more than an average daily wage of a worker and require significant western funding, or "cutting" which aside from the first visit costs nothing.

    your arguments smack of the greenpeace 'ignorance incident'. they shutdown a mine in Chile and rejoiced because they'd saved the villagers from the evil destruction forces of mining. Only when the people were actually interviewed, it was discovered they desperately needed the mine because there were starving and destitute.
  16. Sheesh guys, there's no such thing as AIDS!

    This guy told me so!

  17. i don't know what the fuss is about...im not a big fan of frangas either
  18. I didn't suggest anything of the sort russ, did you even read what I said, or just assume that I was in support of the guy and then start typing?

    What I said is all in my first post. To put it another way, I'm asking the question:
    "Is it possible that he is saying that condoms and money alone are not enough to solve this epidemic, and that he may be suggesting an increase in education to go with it would be appropriate, but the media have selectively quoted him in order to have it take on the appearance of the same old catholic "no franger" argument?"
  19. I think the Catholic church and the Pope have been pretty consistent in their condemnation of birth control and condoms in particular.

    The Pope is saying that Catholic teachings and principles are the cure for HIV/AIDS. It is obvious that abstinence would stop the rate of HIV infection. if no one is having sex then that significantly reduces the rate of sexual transmission.

    It is however woefully optimistic that telling people to stop having sex will actually work. Education and prevention (which includes condoms, abstinence, needle exchanges) are the only ways to stop this horrible disease and merely telling people that if they follow Catholic principles then everything will be fine is unbelievable stupid.

    The Catholic church is not in a position to preach morals. The recent case of the Holocaust denier, the continuing issues with paedophiles and the connivance to stop justice taking place places the Church leadership pretty low on the scale of 'people who can moralise'.
  20. yeh in the final bit I mean to say "he's" but I was replying to you so I wrote "you're", sorry...

    the rest was a direct reply to your post

    Education etc, only helps those who are single. Those who are in a committed relationship where one partner does or possibly will have HIV/AIDS are put in a position where they either are unable to be intimate or simply consign themselves to passing it on.

    EDIT: remember too that African culture does not necessarily encourage single wife families. our cleaner in Zimbabwe came from a multiple wife family, thus all wives are put at risk. Add to that infidelity...