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Pope Benedict XVI

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by puppywarewolf, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. Not being a religious person, but nobody here has taken time out to congratulate Mr Ratzinger on his new job as Pope Benedict XVI. Congratulations.


    ZZR250 PUP

    I wonder how much wine and alter boys they went through at the After Party.
  2. I am not so full of congratulations. I don't think its a good idea to have a pope that was in the Hitler youth and the German Army in World War II.
  3. Haha! Sprung!!!

  4. Probably cause no one really gives a fcuk.
  5. Dude, get your facts straight first. He was conscripted into the hitler youth, unwillingly, as were thoudands of others. He turned 18 in the last year of the war.
  6. Check you facts more closely Spud, he was made to join the Hitler Youth like all kids his age and he was an Army deserter, not to keen on the whole thing apparently.

    Not being a Catholic I'm not phased one way or another, it's way too early to tell if he'll be any good or not. I ask this of people who don't like him: What do you actually expect? The job description for Pope does not include a desire for drug-fueled parties and radical thinking, it's the head of a church - find me a more conservative job if you can.

    Just for the record, my Opa (German for Granddad) was in the German Army, sometimes you don't get much of a choice in the matter, he didn't. This bloke was the right hand man of a very worldy and switched on Pope, I doubt he would have gotten that far by being a fascist/nazi.

  7. In addition he deserted the german army in the last year of the war and was a POW till 1946
  8. what part of being a member of the hitler youth and german army do you take offence too?

    the facts are his country was at war and was in the process of being destroyed, if i was a young german i would have volunteered for service in the military, just as if australia was at war today i would volunteer to defend my country.
  9. i worship the gods who ride in motogp. no false idols there.

    bishop biaggi, cardinal gibernau, pope ROSSI
  10. So if you knew your government was as horrid as germany's at the time you would take up and fight for it in all good conscience or more for survival?
    which is it?
  11. i think he ended up deserting i think, which is partial redemption (he had a pretty useless army job from memory - just another drone from sector 7G)
  12. i imagine if i was turning 18 like ratzinger in the final year of the war i would no doubt of been brain-washed from birth into thinking that the government was correct in its stance, but even if i objected to the government, i would be fighting for germany, and its people.

    i respect soldiers of all nationalities if they are fighting for their homeland, and follow the geneva convention, just because history shows the germans to be the 'badies' doesn't mean an 18 year old kid in the army is at fault, blame the government and those with some power, not the pawns.
  13. Who cares what he did.....what sort of bike does he ride???
  14. Where was i blaming anyone?
    I'm talking about all good conscience versus survival.
    Ratzinger eventually deserted because of the wrongs he witnessed.
  15. American Fox news presenter?

    Cant let it get away without being said... I wonder how this pope likes his eggs in the morning?
  16. LMAO!!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. i'm not saying you were blaming anyone, i'm just stating it in general (sorry could of been more clear) :)