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Pop up advertising

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jeffatav, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Is this happening to anyone else????

    I hit the "jump to select a forum" and every other time I get a bike advert jump up.

    If you hit the back button quick enough, it turm into sublimimal advetrising!!

    suzuki what??????....................
  2. you sure you are on the right forum?
  3. Yeah it does happen and yes I am sober!!
  4. You probably have spyware/adware etc from somewhere else.
  5. nope...prolly gremlins that have infiltrated your 'puter as mentioned...
  6. You have shit in your PC & you usually get that from looking at dirty p0rn sites. :LOL:

    Download Spybot & Ad-ware SE Personal & run them to get rid of the crap thats
    infiltrated ya system.

    & quit going to p0rn sites. :roll:

    *If you dont want to give up the p0rn, get a pop-up blocker* :LOL:

    http://www.stopzilla.com/download/d...DOWNLOAD&topic=&source=&AAID=&cid=pop up free
  7. Nah.
    I've got all the ad aware etc and the anti-pop ups are working fine!

    It is not p0rn related at all and I have been really careful where I click (I thought at one stage I was clicking on the sponsored adds)

    A new window opens up at the "jump to forum" space and is ALWAYS bike related.

    Any other ideas???????????
  8. its either a toolbar you are running, or as mentioned adware. i had a stupid adware thingo that popped open a window with something relative the information that i was meant to be viewing. it took ages to work it out and remove it. i did this using ctrl+alt+del to see what processes were running, and then regedit to remove the little program.
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  10. Ya got me stumped then bud. How long you've had this prob?

    If it hasent been that long, why dont you do a system restore to a point
    prior to all this happening & see if that works?

    Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.
  11. hey,dude!!!

    why not switch to mac??? i got no problems whatsoever anywhere i go. if you love your windows so much try out a pice of software called Spy Sweeper. cost a bit of money but definitely works. i used to have together with ad ware. really did a good job. if you don't want to get a full version, pm me your address i'll send you my installation cd with all the license keys and stuff.all you'll need to do is pay for renewal of the subscription, but again it's up to you cause it will cost you maybe like 20$. let me know either way.

  12. Thanks mate, but it only happens at the jump to forum button and NOWHERE else. At the moment my pop up blocker is working fine!

    Thanks for the offer just the same

  13. hey, jeff!!!

    why not switch to worshipping Satan? i got no problems whatsoever anywhere i go. if you love windows so much try out a good old animal or virgin sacrifice to the dark prince. you might get in trouble but it definitely works. i used to do that with chickens. really did a good job. if you need easy access to chickens pm me your address and i'll send you some eggs and stuff. all you'll need to do is hatch and raise them, but again it's up to you cause it will cost you maybe like 20$. let me know either way.


    ... :p btw
  14. if u made a jewish joke u'd be in trouble... but us people of satanic faith get this stigma and vilification everywhere we go! lucky you're one of us :twisted:
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