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Poor ZZR - dropped within two rides, clutch?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by johnlad, May 10, 2011.

  1. So I went to pick up a shiny red 2004 ZZR250 with a few scratches on the left fairing, but in good working order.

    Mate rides it back, enjoyed it despite dropping down from a 900cc Honda thing, leaves it with me. Took it for a spin, forgot L plates, 35 terrible gear changes, couple of stalls, ran a stop sign then had troubles taking off once I realised I'd missed it and stopped in the intersection (thankfully a very quiet street)....

    Was not the brightest of starts!

    However - was all set to go again, but for some reason 20m from home I decided to forget everything, gave the throttle way too much, dropped the clutch, half wheelied, dropped it down, did the same thing again and then this time we both decided we'd had enough and fell over doing about 10k's per hour, much to the amusement/horror of a very nice lady who helped me up and reckoned she'd never had such a good laugh and then felt so bad...

    So, now the right fairings are all scratched up, I left my pride on the ground and broke the brake lever. :nopity:


    Funny thing now though, despite it all happening on the right side, the clutch lever now barely does anything. I'm a massive mechanic novice, but now when I pull the clutch in to move the bike it's got a heap of resistance, like it's doing nothing at all. If I start the bike in first with the clutch in, it'll kangaroo hop a little and then die. Knocking it into first without throttle is the same result - and without a front brake I can't do any more testing.

    Just after an idea of what might be wrong. It ranges, in my head, from clutch cable loose to completely f--ked and you've gone and destroyed your bike.

    Any help mercifully appreciated.
  2. The right hand side is the side the clutch cable runs to. check the acutal clutch actuator lever on the right hand side of the case to see if its a bit bent.
  3. Very solid advice. Checked it out... the actuator moves by engaging and disengaging the lever, and it doesn't look bent or scratched, but hard to know if it's moving up all the way to engage the clutch (or disengage the gears) ie if the cable has been stretched. Hmm, I'll try and post photos.

    (See above for pics!)
  4. double post
  5. It's spelt klutz
  6. I'm a klutz too, but it's my clutch that's the problem
  7. Oh hey my pics are posted.

    What do you reckon lads?
  8. Well, took it to the mechanics today after dicking around for a ute for ages.

    All sorted, the clutch cable needed tightening, and it's good to go.
  9. Bad news indeed,, given your previous riding history.
  10. Cheers for that, way to make a novice feel good.
  11. I was looking for something myself, that was humorous but encouraging, irreverent but upbeat, and hard to misinterpret.


    I'll get back to you if I think of something.

    In the mean-time, keep practising. More practice would be good.
  12. Hehe, cheers, will be doing some low speed, zero traffic k's today
  13. smile,,,,this is the interwebz.
  14. hey mate

    ease the clutch out slowy and dont dump it. it will most definitely help with your throttle control :D

    try not to throttle on when shifting gears until you are used to finding the friction point. otherwise you would over rev even before the gear engages

    parking lot training is the best. good luck and be nice to her :p
  15. Good tips. Have been putting to good use with some careful riding. Much fun with confidence restored and much more careful with everything.