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VIC Poor Victoria - Licence Fees To Rise

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by grange, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. VICTORIAN motorists will be slugged with more expensive licence renewal fees as part of $750 million in revenue raising measures announced in the mid-year budget update.
    The state is expected to be $137 million in the black at the end of June next year, which is $18 million less than the surplus forecast in May.
    Premier Ted Baillieu said $1 billion in revenue had been wiped from the state's bottom line since this year's budget.
    The black hole is partly due to $285 million less in expected stamp duty revenue.
    The revenue raising measures include an increase in driver's licence renewal fees by $20 for a three-year permit and $70 for a 10-year licence.

  2. What does a Vic licence cost now

    NSW license costs are

  3. Sorry, can only give you a quote for a vic licence as the cost is determined by the daily price of gold divided by the the lowest price of a barrel of oil multiplied by the police chief's jock size. Don't you silly interstaters know how these things are calculated here in Finetoria.
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  4. That's interesting since I actually got a discount on my Vic licence renewal a couple of years ago because I didn't have any demerit points against it at the time it was renewed (certainly lost a few earlier on in the 10 year period).

    So if they keep that system in place it's almost like they're removing the discount for "safe" road users, but instead imposing an additional penalty on people who've been caught breaking road rules. Might not be much, but still seems a lot like punishing people twice for the same offence.
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  5. God I love not paying a tac levy (deliberate lower case for tac)
  6. Ouch. Right in the hurts.
  7. Even with the levy it's still less than NSW - with more benefits...
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  8. It's probably cheaper than where I live too, even though it's not NSW :p
  9. QLD prices:

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    Safety Levy is $66 for 12/13

    So VIC beats QLD by about $10.

    And also has decent sport, not just the farking maroons.

    You win this round Victoria!
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    ^^^ sorry brother "safety levy "TAX thank you very much
    and i was lead to believe some time ago that this goes in to general revenue ? If anyone knows more
  12. I believe at the inquiry into Motorcycle safety Vicroads were unable to account for where the money was spent bar a small $4m portion, which was spent on dubious items anyway...
  13. 50 percent?
    I think we get something like 5 measly percent here.
    Might be 15. Barely worth it.
    Should be free if you don't have any tickets or other offenses I think.
    If you want safer roads you have to reward good drivers instead of just punishing bad ones.
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