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Poor things

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dougz, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,27574,25289227-2862,00.html

    I just say "sucked in". Nice to see that some of us are getting our own back and depriving our greedy governments and councils of revenue.

  2. that author just pissed me off. they couldnt just report it neutrally, they had to spout sanctimonious BS like "perpetrators being brought to justice." or "fine evaders escaped justice. "

    gimme a break. parking offences?

    governments have just been going on a glut in relation to car fines and they just cant keep up
  3. Here in NSW if you have outstanding fines with Office of State Revenue the RTA wont allow you to renew your car rego! I found out the hard way over a stupid parking fine I didnt know I had. Luckily I didnt leave my rego to the last minute. I went in to the RTA to get a copy of the renewal and thats when I found out.
  4. It's actually a lot worse than that.

    If you work for a company that has, say, three company cars, and one driver incurrs a fine and doesn't pay it, the REGISTRATION and CTP of the whole fleet is put at risk.
  5. No way!!! How can they be allowed to do that? I hadnt heard that before. Sucks and blows the extremes they will go to in order to fill their coffers... would be brilliant if they spent some of it fixing the roads.
  6. The reason I know is that it happened in a company I worked for, and the boss was horrified when he was notified. We were all told that we were to pay ANY fine the day the notification was delivered, or else!
  7. I was at the motor registry the other day, and I overheard some poor guy from a security company having an argument about a similar situation.
  8. Oh NSW are so much better than just stopping you repaying you rego :evil:

    I got a speeding fine just before Xmas on the VTR's last run with me as the owner ....[ damn cop's policing waterfall way for the 1st time in living memory :LOL: ]

    Anyway It was an average fine $233 ( greater than 20 but less than 45 over )

    I hadn't forgot about it but with both me and Nadeen getting getting retrenched that same week, the funds just where not available.
    Last week I not only got a reminder BUT if it wasn't paid within seven days my Lic would be suspended until said fine was paid!

    I paid the fine but, with the B/pay lag I got a letter informing me that my Lic had been suspended etc etc.

    It took another three days before I got the letter saying, "we are happy to inform you that your Lic has been reinstated, blah blah blah"

    I kept driving, just kept the receipt of the date and amount paid,just to help my case if I did get pulled over.
  9. Hey Bob sorry to hear that. Hope things are get better for you guys real soon. Glad you got it all sorted with your licence.
  10. It's a real worry when governments rely on fines for revenue raising. They start making up silly laws to fine people to fund projects. Our council wanted to fine householders for putting their rubbish bins out to early or not taking them in quick enough.
    Time for some people power.
  11. If the government can't pay for the roads - raise the taxes, cut expenses. None of this stupid revenue raising. If the government is worried about negative publicity from tax raising, they should suck it up. Because people won't be as pissed as when they are fined for 'parking in the wrong direction'.
  12. Makes you wonder what would happen (in both NSW and Vic) what would happen if people simply didnt pay their speeding fines. Would the governents allow 90% of the drivers on the road to be unregistered and uninsured? Would they start arresting the said drivers?
  13. That's people power. They can't put everyone in prison.
  14. Yes they can, that's how NSW got started.
  15. There was a thread about a plan for the vic government to deregister the vehicles if I remember correctly, if infringements remain unpaid. I can't find it at the moment but I'll post it up when I do.


    Here is the news article
  16. Obviously you've never needed a Handicapped parking spot that was filled by some numskull 'just going to the bank', 'just getting my lunch', 'I'II just be a minute' :evil:

    Fine their asses I say, send 'em to jail!
  17. actually most often ive seen disabled spots filled with police cars and university security cars.