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Poor old fella come off his scooter

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Leighbus, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. Was driving my truck up the highway today behind a fella riding a scooter (one of those big ones), we both moved over to the left lane to get off at caboolture when all of a sudden all the traffic in front of us started pulling up quickly, poor old fella on the scooter locked it up and the scooter slid right out from underneath him sending him sliding along the highway right in front of me, luckily I was able to pull the truck up pretty quickly as it was not loaded (it normally weighs close to 45t fully loaded). Got out and checked he was ok and sat him down on the side of the road then called the ambo's.

    Luckily the only visible injury was a fair amount of skin torn off the top of his right foot otherwise he seemed ok. His pants and shoes were torn to shreds but luckily he was wearing proper gloves and jacket. Anyway I've only been riding for a few weeks now and I'm riding everyday too and from work and its got me worried about just how easy this can happen. I also admit that I haven't been wearing my riding jacket for commuting because I already wear a long sleeve work shirt and the jacket is too bulky to fit in my bag once I get to work (what a pathetic excuse) I think that's going to change now, In a way I'm kinda glad this did happen because it knocked some sense into me.
  2. Hi Leigh. A fall happens really quickly. I came off when a(n old) driver decided not to make a right turn after about 20 seconds. I fell, f***ed the clutch lever, but later noticed how scraped my left knee pad and left palm was ON MY GEAR! Absolutely no personal injury whatsoever! Slow crash, but I would have stuffed my knee and left hand if not for ATGATT!

    A lesson learned!
  3. Take the lesson, but don't dwell on the what ifs! No point scaring yourself out of riding. Glad you stopped to help the old fella out, too often these days people just drive right on by.
  4. Good to hear that he got away with fcuking up with out to much pain. It is easy for inexperienced riders to panic brake hard on the rears putting the bike into a slid quick smart. Even did a touch myself this morning was checking the chick on the footpath and didn't see the traffic stopping where they usually don't.
  5. Nek minit - ATGATT thread.

    Good to see you checked on him. Great effort.
  6. Good on you for stopping and helping out.
  7. For these slower speed drops with a bit of abrasion protective gear makes a massive difference. Have you got a mesh jacket? Might make it easier to remember to wear it if it is comfortable.
  8. good on you for stopping! your a good man.

    80% of riders/drivers in Sydney tailgate / follow too closely & then get pissed when they have to get hard on the brakes...

    Remember you control the front your vehicle & if you tailgate you lose that control & your at the mercy of the numpties in front

    riding / driving for over 10 years & i had to only ever e-brake once in that time guess why?
  9. Yes I do and I did wear it today, even felt a lot safer, couldn't imagine sliding along the road on my back or stomach with only my king gee long sleeve work shirt to protect me OUCH.