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Poor Japs getting stooged on pinigale

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by something_wild, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Must be more of a cafe culture in Japan these days....
  2. I thought cafes were the usual spot to find a Ducati...

    Damn that pipe is the ugliest thing I have seen on a bike.
  3. I guess having the power reduced shouldnt make any difference anyway. Ducati riders prefer to pose at cafes.
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  4. I was kinda hoping this wouldn't turn into a Duc bashing thread....yes yes there are a lot of posers on Ducs (i think most bashers are just jelly really), but why nobody has commented on the fact that almost every other hyper sports bike (besides some pom, German, and Austrians) come right out of this country.
    Are they restricting the zx10, gixxer1k, R1 or cbr1k for their market? Almost as powerful as the Duc really.... Seems weird
  5. That exhaust...my god, it's awful. Poor Japs
  6. don't see the issue with the exhaust - simple just like we do with every other bike - ****ing change it.

    as for dropping 60hp? that's ****ing messed up.
  7. You serious?

    Even with a 60hp loss it makes 130+hp. Why even bother with 130hp?? You serious?:-s
  8. wow.

    thank god the japs are inventive, im sure they will have it up to spec soon.
  9. Cant wait for the Jap version Ducati V spec type RR :)............
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  10. Sure it isn't just some sort of tricky marketing scheme to sell more aftermarket pipes?
  11. Ducati is restricting the ECU in the Panigale, so they can get under the noise limit. The japanese manufacturers can get under the noise limit while still making full power, so why can't Ducati? Sounds like poor engineering.
  12. Are they just trying to protect their own brands in Japan? :-k

    Seems strange, there must be a lot of modified jap sports bikes in Japan that are 'fast and too loud'..
  13. The 180 odd hp that an R1 produces is fine though, quality.
  14. Meh no big deal... When someone in Japan buys the bike they will just change the pipe and get an ECU patch......problem????
  15. Its more the principle of why they did it in the first place? :?

    It's not a massive big deal but the parts will cost $$ and the bike is then illegal on their roads.
  16. Seems like a case of the Japs doing better than the Italian's. If the Italians cant get their bike to be under the noise limit then restrict the f'r..........thats what they do in all other countries with noise and emission rules.

    Maybe its a bit like MotoGP with the Jap bikes > Ducati.................
  17. If it's a noise issue, how would HD cope?
  18. Stock HD are very quiet.
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  19. I guess you haven't seen the stock can on the VFR1200? Or anything made by DanMoto?