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Poor filtering technique?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by offtrack, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. This driver could use a little more filtering practice.

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  2. Holly crap what da fuck was that all about
  3. Aaah - so that's why city drivers need 4WD's. It's not for going over gutters - for going over traffic.

    The pedestrians on the right hand side weren't even aware. Lucky the driver finally realised 'something was wrong' and hit the brakes or they could have been next.

    What do you suppose happened?
  4. A friend filmed it today. He is a rider, but thankfully was in his car.

    My guess is a stroke or seizure of some sort, as there was no change in speed, and the lane changes don't look intentional. Even someone sending an sms or otherwise distracted wouldn't drive that poorly....would they??
  5. Looks like normal Toyota driving to me
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  6. But I had to pick up the kids from school.

    Its a jungle out there
  7. Saw similar on Xmas day 3 years ago... green turn arrow came on and land cruiser in straight lane 1 car back hit the gas and climbed right up the back of the ford falcon infront.
  8. Might have been some kind of seizure but you'd think it wouldn't have stopped quite so quickly if that was true. Dropped the mobile phone and stepped on the accelerator while trying to pick it up is just as likely.
  9. Steering lockup maybe?
  10. stepped on accelerator, panicked then realised after driving over car to take foot off accelerator and hit the brakes.
  11. Love the guy in the ute. Narrowly avoids contact and then plants the foot thinking I'm getting the fcuk out of here
  12. Riding up on Saturday, 2 cars tried to fit into the middle lane in-front of me, both got beat up fenders out of it as no one was going to back down in this game of chicken.. going 100km/h.