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Poor effort from Suzuki Dealers...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser3, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. I have been looking for a bike for Coralee for ages, after selling the VTR250 we have come to realise that a good choice is the SV650.
    So I send an email to 4 dealers requesting a quote and also indicated that the bike would need to be lowered. This was also going to be a cash purchase for the bike, no trade-in's or finance. Well the companies I requested quotes from via email were:

    Peter Stevens - Dandenong [No-Reply]
    Mick Hone Motorcycles [No-Reply]
    B.T.X Motorcycles [No-Reply]
    A1 Motorcycles - well done you responded with price and also followed up 2 days later.

    Yes, that's right, 1 out of 4 dealers replied to my request. However the misses wants to wait until after winter to buy the bike now, well I guess that makes sense.

    So when we need the bike, it will be straight to A1 Motorcycles despite some of the bad reports on netrider.

    The other 3 dealers either are selling too many bikes, or they have that big thing up their arse.
  2. I think A1 have really improved in recent times. You should pop in to them now, let them know they have your business and see how they follow up.

    I'm still wary of their service dept, but even that might have changed. Have you spoken to Ian in sales? He sold me the Aprilia from MotoOne.

    Black Betty has a lowered SV650 and loves it. She's also just purchased some bar risers (not fitted yet though).

    All-round good bike.
  3. I'd at least call them all up when you're ready to buy.

    Read how MG saved a few $$'s on his big Kwaka - dealers fighting for your business is ideal.

    If you've based "service" on email replies you could be doing yourself out of a great deal elsewhere.
  4. Contact Brian at Raceway Suzuki in Niddrie, great guy, really looked after me.
  5. Similar story regarding emails... except Raceway got back to me.
  6. Sounds like some dealers need a lesson in technology and what business can generated with a email reply, gotta wonder why some of these dealers even have emails. Must try Raceway when we are ready to purchase.
  7. I've had several good experiences with Raceway Suzuki at Niddrie, they always seem to go out of their way to be helpful.
  8. Personally I'd call around looking for the best price. It's nice to have a caring sharing salesman, but it's the same metal in the crate and phone calls are cheap.

    I was just thinking Steve, it's a day ending with Y - must be time for you to buy another bike. :grin:
  9. Yes, this is one of my pet hates. :mad: If you're not willing to respond to email in a timely manner (less than 24 hours), or at all, then simply don't publicise your address.
  10. We will also recommend Brian, Sam and the rest of the crew at Raceway Suzuki

    Phil and myself trolled many different dealers when deciding on his new bike and raceway is always friendly and helpful.

    We will be going back in July/August to get my bike from them as well as the bikes being serviced there.

    customer service and genuine friendliness travels a long way in our books

  11. +1 Brian @ Raceway

    They'll put you onroad with a K6 SV650 for a very sharp price.
  12. With regards to getting my trumpy I (begrudgedly) had to go through Peter Stevens. Anyway, the city were terrible, ringwood were FANTASTIC with me for a price/arrival estimate of the 675 6 months before they hit Australia. People on the 675 forum I visit mentioned Dandenong weren't too crash hot with regards to replies etc.

    Plus our own JohnnyO works at PS ringwood (discount time!! :twisted: ) :)

    *edit* Also I was replied to via my first email within 15 minutes.. AWESOME SERVICE!
  13. I don't think it is just Suzuki dealers that give poor service but the whole bike industry. Fact is there are so few dealers and an ever growing market. Bike dealers are usualy seperated by large distances and know that alot of people are not willing to travel. In the car industry you can shop dealers easy as there are so many of them. I work at a new car dealership in the service department and if I treated my customers the way we get treated by the staff at most bike shops I would not have a job. I bought my bike at Raceway as I was happy with the service I received from Luce. He worked hard to get me the trade in price I wanted for my old bike. I will never return to Raceway again though through the poor service I received from their service department. It is time that the bike shops woke up and started giving their customers good honest reliable service through all their departments. I just wish I had the money to open my own busines. Manufacturers put alot of pressure on car dealers to perform bike manufacturers should do the same.
  14. Cars, bikes boats,same stories. They want you in the showroom so they can apply sales pressure, they can't do it via email or the phone, so they don't want to know you.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Any dealer like that is losing out BIG TIME and needs to get their head into the 21st century! I know a number of guys who have bought cars entirely via the net and phone coz they don't have time to drive around everywhere.
  16. Yes I know. I have bought cars and my bike this way too! It is still teh mentality, and it will change, but that's how it is at the moment.
    In fact, I bought my GTR sight unseen off a dealer entirely via internet communications, telephone and credit card.
    I didn't do it due to time constraints, I did it because it allowed me to have a larger search area for what I was looking for.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. HI Steve,
    I did pretty much the same thing as you (cash, lowering, etc) except I went & saw 4 dealers to get the feel of how their backup service was gonna be & haggle over price of course!

    1. I got the bike at the price I wanted including oggy knobs (was at BTX but they've since been taken over)

    2. I went to a motorcycle engineering company to have it lowered professionally

    3. I use a private mechanic that I trust.

    Good luck with it all - is a great wee bike :)
    Cheers, BB
  18. The "Y" has come again, looks like Coralee has settled for the GSR600K7 after having a sit on one today, the seat height is only 785mm, and with some adjustment should come down to 775mm which is lower than the old VTR250.

    So now it's time to do some dealing.

  19. Steve, give Brian at Raceway a call and tell him i sent you. Or if ya want i am happy to give him your details and get him to call you. I have known Brian for a few years now and you couldnt meet a more genuine salesman. Also Raceway are awesome to deal with in all aspects..