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Poor Economy from CBR600f4i with remus can.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by MR_PEA, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. i recently picked up an 02 CBR600f4i (EFI Model) (2001 build) with about 25thou on the dial, its got a k&n filter and remus pipe. it makes plenty of power, and rides really well,
    however i have found from this forum that some of the other cbr600 owners that they are getting over 230kms before the reserve light is coming on.. in my case i am currently getting about 180-190 kms before the reserve light comes on.. its quite annoying..
    i dont think that the previous owner had it re-tuned or anything.

    any ideas on what i can do here?
    i live in Dandenong, Vic. suggestions for places to go would be greatly appreciated.

  2. is that taking it easy or do you fang it everyonewhere u go.
  3. half, half.....
  4. Yeah it really depends on how you ride and condition of bike. Has it had a major service recently? Generally adding an aftermarket air filter + exhaust will make the bike run quite lean (peaky/twitchy power is often a sign of that, vs. rich it'll generally run smoother from what I've noticed eg. first gear can be very unuseable due to the tetchy power).

    Getting it tuned will generally involve richening up the air/fuel ratio, so it'll put more fuel in - but the engine will be happier and work more efficiently for power. Sometimes it'll be more fuel efficient, sometimes less. Usually more though ;)

    I'd suggest a decent service if it hasn't been done lately. And work out your exact fuel economy (fill to the absolute brim, wait until next time you need to fill up and work out what L/100 you're getting). I get 5.5L/100 if constantly cruising 80-90 with nothing else, but more like 6.5-7.5L for hard riding. Up to ~10L/100 at the track.
  5. it had a majour service at 23thou with plug change and the regular stuff..
    at the time they used Motul 10W50, fitted a pipercross air filter (not the k&n as mentioned above.)
    the next service is due in about another 3k.
    ill try to ride it a bit more tamely.. to see how far i can get out of the tank...
  6. Mine does about 200ish before the reserve comes on, and it didn't seem much different before i got my pipe on it :)

    Oh, dunno if you saw my question in another thread, did you do a Swinburne TAFE course on CCNA a few years back? :)
  7. kewl, fair enough, ill try to be a little less throttle happy with it...

    yea i did, with a mate of mine Ross.
    cant remember the lectures name though...
  8. I tended to get to 185 before reserve came on. It would get to 230 from a full tank of commuting. Mine was an 05 model though and completly stock.
  9. What Juice?
  10. recently i have been using a mix of diffrent fuels...
    but im now just going to use mobil 8000 (98octane)
  11. Try a couple of tanks of BP/Mobile 95 then a couple of tanks of 98. See if there's much difference.