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Poor bloke!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Shiftt, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Bit of a funny story i thought i would share with you all! I was driving to a motorbike place in my ute not long ago. Anyways out come these 2 blokes on 1000's.. First bloke started slip laning it.. no problems.. his mate was kind of hanging back.. then slipped laned it as well.. he looked pretty nervous and wonky.. im thinking.. gees his a bit outta touch.. anyway they were going the same way i was.. the wonky bloke was all over the road.. i started thininbg.. does he have a license? or is he just tagging along with his buddy. We got to a set of lanes.. i was in the right lane they were in the left lane.. Lights turn green.. his mate takes off like a shotgun.. the wonky guy goes to take off and stalls it.. then struggled to start the bike as it was still in gear no clutch held in. My guess was he was tagging along with his mate for kicks and didnt have a license.. bit of a dangerous guy all over the road.. but i felt for him once he stalled it in front of every one! Well thats my rant for the day!

  2. oh, oh, oh......nah, still dont get it :p :p

  3. More sedatives, stat!

    Regards, Andrew.