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Poor 61 year old man.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Faramir, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Here is a story that speaks for itself: Am I allowed to say that I feel so sorry for the man who is 61 years old.




    Please do not express any opinion. We might offend someone.

    Every weekend, stories like these always appear. My gf's son was chased by a bunch of ........ last Friday. One of them has already served time in the Juvenile Detention Centres for a previous stabbing. Luckily my gf's son was on a bike and he could ride away quickly.
  2. Thirty seconds in a room with all three of them. That's all I ask.

  3. By saying 'white european' i'm guessing they really mean Lebanese, right? In any case what a bunch of f*ckers :evil:
  4. Shotgun the room after tarmacsamurai. Bunch of f*ckers, shit that makes you see red.

    is it really tarmac??? :p
  5. No, do not express any opinion like that..... please. My last thread got removed because everyone had their own opinion (including myself). From what I have seen, any nationality is capable of violence. Greeks, Italians, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Irish, British, Australians (which means the whole world), etc, etc, etc. Anyone pumped up on alcohol especially.

    I have met everyone from lots and lots nationalities, each one has groups that won't hurt a fly while others would kick a baby as hard as they can (and laugh as well, that's how sick some people are).

    As for five minutes alone with those guys. I know how angry you feel. I feel the same way and I would love to shoot the thugs. I would still be wary with 3, or even one versus one. I'm not being wimpy, I am saying still be on your guard. When it comes to the crunch and you saw those guys hitting that old man. Yes, I would charge in and do whatever it takes. No one is indestructible. I understand your feelings TarmacSamuari (and that you would know what to do in such a situation). But some of us are not as invincible as we think we are.

    When we express anger, it is just frustration that we can not do anything to help this poor 61 year old man. So our next thoughts turn to revenge. Yes I do believe in justice. Lets hope that justice catches up with the thugs and justice is very harsh.
  6. I personaly think you have a very limited view of the world.
    30 Seconds is hardly enough to make them realise what is going down. You need a good hour or two for them to start to really stew in there fear and pain.
  7. Thirty seconds is all it'll take to leave them with a lifetime of fear and pain.
  8. Let's not start that again!