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Pooping at work

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by es, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. I do smelly poopage and am proud!

  2. If I do smelly poopage I try to cover it up/deoderise!

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  3. "poo" hehehehehe

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  4. No work pooping! Ew!

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  1. yesterday I went to the ladies and it stank. Not just smelt a little, this was full on, hardcore, "Ive never even heard of burning a match", poopage.

    I walked in "pwoooh!!! Whatever happened to consideration?? did I mistakenly go into the mens room??"

    So whats your policy on workplace pooping? are you happy to take in the paper making noisy plops and taking up as much paid time as you can.... leaving a terriblbe stench after you?

    are you one who goes for it, but always spray some deoderant or burn a match afterwards?

    Or are you a "no pooper" where work is concerned?
  2. Who takes matches and deodorant with them just so they can go to the toilet?
  3. I fear for netrider if more of these sorts of threads come up! :oops:
  4. Its a ladies toilet... ladies have handbags containing such items :)
  5. :shock:

    Talk about an all new low for netrider threads :LOL:
  6. :LOL: I suppose its a new angle to toilet humor.

    I was talking about it with a friend whos like "ew no one should poop at work!!" so Im like wtf? am I one of few who have no problems with it???

    I just dont like when it stinks in there! :shock:
  7. You need a hobby eswen
  8. I have no problem with it but at my work you can't stay in there for too long because there are no locks on the doors and people don't knock :shock: .

    There is this one guy who drinks heaps on friday nights and comes into work on sat with his AGB's and stinks the whole place out..... fcuking Gross.
  9. Thanks for sharing. :roll:

  10. Since I have my own toilet at work this isn't really a problem ;)
  11. Same.. It's great
  12. in the ladies toilet ive been told they even have a parking space for their suzuki Across from where the handbag came.!. :LOL:
  13. We had some female at work who kept wiping her shit all over
    the dam walls :mad:

    Was going on for wks w/out finding out who it was.

    Even the contract cleaners refused to clean up so they had to keep
    bringing in outside contractors to cum & clean up :grin:
  14. Well,

    I must say I never heard of lighting a match to try and cover up the scent!


    I think the work poop is great, but it requires careful timing!


    Always time it early in the morning - after the cleaner has been, but certainly before morning tea time when everyone else gets in there and stinks up the joint!

    I'm always disappointed if my timing is off, and someone beats me to the cleaner fresh scent of the morning toilet!

    I hate a warm toilet seat if you don't know who's been there before you. :shock:

  15. At the moment I am an acting Building Manager @ a Government Office. The biggest complaint I get is from females, whinging about other females with really stinky poo's and not deodorising afterwards. We also have a phantom female pooper that thinks its ok not to flush the toilet afterwards. .
  16. Seeriously. Enough.
  17. only complaints we get r from females as well.

    who wouldve thought these women are the pigs
  18. More than adequate mechanical ventillation does wonders.
  19. If I need to go, I go, simple as that! The facilities are provided for the purpose and if it turns out to be a stinker....may the devil be good to the next suckers poor soul!!! I can't help it if my stomach is making the stinkers potent :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    But on the flip side, being the next poor soul in the toilet after someone elses stinkfest SUCKS :shock:

    Oh well, gotta roll with the punches I guess :p
  20. :LOL: Eswen you are a classic my dear! no holds barred as they say....

    Frankly dumping at work would have to be one of my pet hates....not so much having to go, but more the lack of privacy usually offered in which to do so.

    I move around alot with work so get to see alot of different office 'bathrooms'....some of them are shockers :? eg you walk in and there's like a little bit of board shielding some poor bloke from the public while he sits there and grunts and groans :roll:

    some are totally enclosed and private, most are not...and the absolutely worse thing is when some guy sits there taking a dump, making all sorts of grosse noises and stinking out the place, then you get to hear him wiping his arse with half a roll, then he walks out and you meet him at the wash basin and its "er yeah, how's it going"....

    I remember this one office where the toilet door was right in the middle of the room where about 8 people worked, and it was a shared unisex toilet!

    But if I do have to dump, its always on company time ;)