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Pooled purchases

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    Have seen quite a few threads about people wanting to buy new bikes, and looking around for the best deal. Has anyone thought about pooling peoples wish lists in a forum, and then at no cost, go forth to a common dealer for a bulk discount.

    I am sure if you were to buy 8-10 bikes from one dealer, they would be more than able to knock off a fair margin, given that sales decline at this time of year.

    Happy to discuss more.

  2. If anything, it would need to be done by the end of this month. After financial year lots of places dont care as much for sales because they don't see the immediate bonus of it. It would be now or february (old (07) stock only) to organise a group buy.
  3. You need people with cash or finance already in place. No trade-ins, just outright purchasing.

    And they have to be committed to the deal.
    You tell a dealer they're going to sell 10 bikes at X price, you can't come back and say "Oh, a couple of them have pulled out/ won't have the money until next month..." etc.

    Would also work a LOT better if the bikes were all the same model, or at least the same brand as the dealer can angle a rebate or an extra discount out of the manufacturer.

    If 2 of you wander in, after different brand bikes and want the dealer to arrange finance, the discount will be nothing any individual couldn't simply haggle on their own.

    But you get 10 people; all after red CBR600RR's and have cash, up-front: you're going to get some amazing pricing out of a dealer.
  4. Ktulu has hit on the downside of this idea...

    Actually getting 10 people who want identical bikes at the _same_ time would be difficult even with a web site as active as Netrider.

    OK... I'll start...

    I want a Moto Guzzi Griso 1100 for purchase just prior to end of financial year 2008

    All we need now is another 9 people and we'll get our bargain! :LOL:
  5. Even harder would be to find the other 9 people that are "that" old to want a Guzzi :bolt:

    [edit] I just googled it :drool:

    Make that 8 more OLD people ;)
  6. Guzzi, who said Guzzi

    The bike dealer will do a deal sepcially at the end of month.

    thats generally the best time to buy, the importers do give discounts or incentives to more than 1 bike deals if the shop gives them a nudge, more so on the not so mainstream bikes, Play the game and you'll get a great deal
  7. ok dudes, we have hear the limitations of this. But there are a large number of people that will buy bikes like the hyosung or cbr600's etc.

    These forums are good for idle chat, but can be made to be very powerful by creating value such as a riders, knowledge base (which some in the US have done well), resource kits and of course getting together to get some great buying power.

    Hell, if you had a few thousand people, you could even start your own group insurance or finance model.

    [Just thinking outside the square] :shock:
  8. Definately seems like something that could work, especially with newbie buyers who just want a bike for the best price (and aren't especially worried by brand or colour). Could also work well with a new model if the manufacturer is wanting to get their sales figures up. What would be really nice though would be if you could get enough people to actually motivate a manufacturer into importing a bike they don't currently sell here - or even just a colour they don't offer here.
  9. what about a Street Triple group buy at the end of this year?

    They're released in November. :grin:
  10. You'd be way better off organising it through a forum dedicated to a specific bike.
    :arrow: Get a few old guys with plenty of cash who simply HAVE to have the latest ZX10R or whatever, and organise the buy all at the same time.

    If you want to do it here, you need a couple of threads:

    1) Post here the brand, model and displacement bike you want to buy. NEW models only, WHERE you are located and WHEN you are able to arrange finance for the purchase.

    Then - once a few people are after the same bike...

    2) Follow up thread based on information from first, ie 'Buy to be arranged': "OK guys, so there are 6 of us who want new CBR600RR's in Vic, I've found 2 others off a Honda forum, and everyone's in a position to buy when their tax return comes back in July. The best price I've gotten for the bikes is from ****** Motorcycles who will help us do the deal."

    Then agree that everyone pays a $1000 deposit to the dealer on the bikes. The dealer bases pricing on number of people who pay a deposit. They agree to hold pricing even if someone pulls out, because they get to keep that deposit, unless the guy who pulls out can find a replacement buyer.

    That way you SECURE the deal, it prevents people backing out [so the bulk buy deal actually works], and having a credible dealer working with you means everyone can safely make a FINANCIAL committment to the deal, so neither the other buyers or the dealer are shafted - and everyone can happily save a couple of grand on a new bike, the dealer is happy coz he screwed an extra 3% out of Honda on that order anyway + he gets some service work and a reputation for doing decent bulkddeals for clubs and groups which may encourage future, large turnover deals for him.
  11. Make that 7 more (if I had the money :roll: )

    What the hell is the world coming to?
    I'm bloody agreeing with Vic again! :LOL:

  12. thats pretty hot, does anyone have a rear shot? looks wiiiide. not for me, but still the zorst looks enormous!

  13. I'd see a medical practitioner, it sounds serious
  14. Psychiatrist I think... :LOL: :p :p

    Rear view of the Griso,,,,

  15. I'd take one...
  16. Love the Griso. It's like the Breva's tougher older brother who beats you up because you called the Breva a pussy... :LOL:
  17. Group buys are much better on specialised forums dedicated to the one type (or similar types) only. Our group buy section on triumph675.net is awesome. I've saved literally $500 on some deals (like my carbon fibre exhaust as we pooled up 100 buyers for a MASSIVE discount :grin:). I recommend you use or hunt out for forums dedicated to the bike/s you want to get and/or parts for.
  18. The zorst in the first photo is the original version, the 2nd (large rear) shot is the current version of the zorst.

    They also come in red (which looks great) and yellow (which is probably Vic's color) :p
  19. There is no Griso forum anywhere in the world to the best of my knowledge.

    There is a V11 forum (which I'm a member of) which also has many members with other sorts of Guzzi's.

    It's an international forum not Oz based though.

    The closest that Oz has to a forum is AIGOR (Australian Internet Guzzi Owners Register) which has a mailing list, and whilst I enjoy AIGOR(ites) they are an unlikely source of multiple Griso ownership (multiple Norge ownership maybe) :)
  20. Its actually a very good idea.

    You'll find quite a few dealerships that sell multiple brands so differing purchases shouldn't be too much of a problem. You'd just have to list who wants what say on a monthly basis and is ready to move NOW. Put the complete list out for tender by email or fax and interested dealers would just price on the bikes on the list they can supply along with transport costs to the persons home or office. Brokers do it for a living...

    Trades and finance shouldn't be a problem either, we've done it previously with cars all over the phone.

    Looking outside of the metro areas also brings in some very good rewards. The country dealerships for both cars and bikes are very happy to deal outside their areas and with the prices we've been able to purchase for previously, the Sydney dealerships just can't match.