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Ponderings of a Busa owner

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by bkdu, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. A few years ago I finally fulfilled my teenage dream of owning and riding a bike. Had a few different ones since then (Kwaka ZR-7, CB900F, Firestorm) ... and now a Busa.

    Now, I love my Busa ... great bike, more power than I'll ever be able to utilise, nimble, fantastic handling, good enough headlight to do Mt Glorious - Somerset Dam - Kilcoy by night :) ... etc.

    But lately my thoughts are straying ... cruiser way. Basically, with the speed nazis getting worse all the time, speed limits dropping like flies in a smoke house, constant police harrassment ... err patrols ... in all the good spots, my wrists giving me grief (yes, I use my legs and other muscles to support my weight - but in city traffic they still hurt after 30 minutes), no more weekends filled with "carving up" the mountains due to a 10 week old bub, I'm thinking the Busa is a bit "too much" for what I need.
    Also, I've always liked the (sportier looking) cruisers and no, I don't want to go back to a standard naked ... been there, done that.

    So I have my sights set on 2 contenders:
    1. Suzuki M90
    2. Yamaha Star Warrior

    Thing is, I really like the Warrior. Also prefer belt drive over shaft drive. But it's air cooled and I commute every day. Also, a decent second hand one will still cost me around $18k ... but in that case has at least custom pipes and power commander.

    The M90 is about $15k new, liquid cooled, more modern than the warrior. Why not M109? Because the fatter tyre (supposedly) makes for more difficult handling. So does the longer wheel base. Also, the controls are (a lot) more forward on the M109.

    Just posting this to maybe get some feedback from other people ... a bit of advice, pros and cons between the two.


  2. I suggest test riding both (and the 109) as you may decide then and there conclusively which bike you want.
    I don’t know much about the warrior to be honest, but they sure are nice looking bikes and possible a little quicker than the m90. M90 got runner up cruiser of the year from

    I’ve spent about an hour on a m90 and really liked it, very stable at slow speeds and corners excellently for a cruiser, I did experience some harsh vibration through the pegs on hard deceleration. The 109 is more difficult to handle but not so much so that you should over look it as it handles great when you get the hang of it.
  3. Thanks for the feedback rhynoceros. Read the article ... considering that the Thunderbird is in a completely different price bracket, the M90 might actually be the better bike if we go by value for money?!

    I'll be sure to try out an M109 as well ... just to see :) Colleague at work has one and absolutely loves it.

  4. Get ready for a lot of scraping & slowing down, especially if you still like corners.
  5. Mate you are right, send the busa my way I'll take care of it ;)
  6. What about a less powerful tourer, i.e. VFR800 or a triumph ST?
  7. If you're wanting to avoid speeding, I'd avoid a 3 cyl! Flat torque curve stuffs your sense of acceleration..
  8. Sure ... how about an even swap for a 2005 Midnight Warrior with Cobra pipes and PC3? :)

    Actually looked at both when I bought the Hayabusa. The problem is, if I'm staying with that type of bike, then I'll just keep the Busa and learn to behave.
    Thing is, I really like the cruiser look and sound ... sort of like the V8's of the bike world. The decision on those choices is because they have "some" cornering ability.

    Yep, I realise that. Then again, I don't really go all that fast through the mountains anyway. Never know what's around that corner ... too many times I've come around and found gravel, sticks, oncoming car cutting corner.
    Don't get me wrong ... still have to test ride those 3 and might find that they truly have way to little cornering ability ... and then stay with the Busa - in which case I'll have to do something about the stock clip-ons.

    Of course, best option would be to win the lotto (or at least a decent amount of money) to afford two bikes ... ahhh ... one can dream :)

    Anyway, thanks for your feedback and suggestions. Not in a hurry anyway, so I have some time to ponder and procrastinate ... by the end of which I might end up being 60 and ready for that "true" cruiser :)
  9. dude forget the M90

    coming off a busa you may as well just walk

    i have a 109

    forget what you read, the stock rear tyre is shit and replacing it with something else does a world of good, its a very flat profile so makes it hard to tip into a corner, that is if your a fag....

    beautiful bike to ride daily, and super easy to ride in traffic and at low speed.... you can stop and not put your feet down sometimes it's really well balanced and despite the 347kg curb weight you dont feel it at all..... that is unless you gotta reverse it up a hill

    but it's still a big arse lump of coal, and if your commuting to the cdb i'd just look for an alternative to be honest... me i dont i commute from the nth subs to out further so no crappy city traffic..

    lastly people say they handle shit others good, it's all about the rider, but it really eats up the long sweepers.... hairpins arent it thing, but once the road isnt like spaghetti and more like a beautiful woman its an awesome ride with reasonable pace that will scare an old fashioned HD rider, but will probably bore you... that said they still dont hang around

    tyres arent cheap and accelerate hard (hard not to) and you can see them just wasting away daily, fuel is good i get 7L/100km brisk riding and im 120kg.... thats stop start not open road...

    best bit i like drop the clutch with a few revs on the tach and leave a nice stripe for 20m down the road... well untill you destroy the box... lol

    also im 5'10" and the 9 isnt streched out at all, any closer and i'd wanna put forward controls on it, also shop around dude

    i paid $15990 brand new ride away, yes brandnew bike on the road all fees and charges etc...
  10. Damn ... that's a pretty good price considering the M90's advertised at $14,990 atm.
    As for coming off a Busa and walking ... I didn't buy it for the "hype". Sports bike was the "next step" so to speak, but a Gixxer Thou didn't make sense with a GF on the back a lot of the time. Busa had power for the thrill, but was also comfy enough for the GF ... and I like the look of 'em. Don't do wheelies or burn-outs. I go around corners reasonably quick, but nowhere near racetrack fashion ... or as fast as some of the sport bike riders going through the mountains.

    Basically, if I can do Mt Glorious anywhere near the speed limit (or recommended speed for those tighter corners), I'm quite happy and content. Yes, I do go faster on the Busa, but in the long run that's just asking for trouble ... and with a little bub to care for I much rather go slower and be around to stir up her own kids, then hand 'em back ;)
  11. Hello ,Hello ,is there anybody out there............is there anyone at home........
    Just got a 05 Busa only 600 miles on it,Just checking if any other riders are in my general area.

  12. Tell me where????????
  13. it was a once off deal

    from Byrners suzuki

    i think your looking @ about 17,600 now on road